OM Kamara midfielder did not exist against FC Porto, like his team.



  • Olympique de Marseille were beaten 3-0 by FC Porto at the dragon stadium for the third day of the Champions League.

  • After three defeats in a row, qualifying for the knockout stages of the Champions League now seems impossible.

  • This is OM's 12th straight defeat in the Champions League, a new sad record for the Marseille club.

At the dragon stadium in Porto,

Olympique de Marseille were beaten sharply (3-0) Tuesday night by FC Porto at the Dragon stadium for the third day of the Champions League.

More than this result which practically condemns the Marseillais for qualifying for the round of 16, the level of play offered by OM players is appalling.

Marseillais far from the level of the Champions League

The matches follow and are similar for OM in this Champions League.

Already dominated by Olympiakos (1-0) and swept away by Manchester City (3-0), the Marseillais again did not exist this Tuesday evening in Porto.

The central defenders multiplied the errors like Caleta Car on the opening of the score of Marega (4th).

The risky raises followed one another, offering caviar to the Portuguese attackers.

The score could have been more severe.

The Marseille environment was not better: it is no coincidence that all Marseille attacks came from the sides, without success.

In 50 years of supporting OM, I don't remember ever having heard this voice saying to me: "Go on Titou, go to bed and read, take it easy ..."

- Thierry B Audibert (@TBAudibert) November 3, 2020

Dimitri Payet, nothingness

In general, when Dimitri Payet shows up at a pre-match press conference, it announces a big match on his part.

Well not this time.

Like his completely missed penalty which ended up in the empty stands of the dragon stadium when he could have allowed OM to equalize (9th).

This is the turning point of this match.

His performance in the game was no better.

He often missed his wing changes and set pieces.

Let's not talk about his long shot which ended its trajectory at the same place as his penalty (15th).

The rare times he has managed to tell the difference, he was wrong in his last gesture.

Sad record for OM

This defeat practically condemns OM for the round of 16, even if mathematically anything is possible.

But it is above all synonymous with the sad record for the number of defeats in a row in the Champions League.

This is the 12th in a row for OM, after zero points in the 2013/2014 campaign.

The Marseillais can still hope to hang in the Europa League, well not with the level displayed this Tuesday evening.

Finally, the objective is clearly not to finish this Champions League again with zero points.


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