On Friday 27 November, the World Cup season begins in Ruka with a classic sprint, followed by an individual race over 10 km classic on Saturday and a final hunt start over 10 km in freestyle on Sunday, which is a so-called mini tour where all results are counted.

Last season, Therese Johaug won - but now the veteran paints Frida Karlsson as the victory favorite.

- Now I have to take the opportunity to put some pressure on Frida.

Last year I was criticized for being too kind to them and taking care of them.

That is why I now say: Frida wins in Kuusamo (Ruka), the 32-year-old has told Norwegian Dagbladet.

But the Swede has no problem carrying the favorite.

"I can only thank you for that"

- It's fun if Therese Johaug believes in me, I can only thank you for that.

No, but who should I pass on to then?

It's fun, I'm charged for the season premiere, says Karlsson to SVT Sport.

Who can you pass on to?

- I know that only in my team there are many strong girls who will want to fight high up in the results lists.

That Therese Johaug fears Karlsson is not so strange.

When the season ended with the three miles in Holmenkollen, it was the Swede who took home the victory.

- It was important to me, partly it was very motivating to get that dot over in the season.

And bringing it into the training year has helped me a lot this summer and autumn.

It is also important if you think mentally, it was a bit of a barrier that I broke there.

It is important to know that when I have a really good day, I can be at the top of the podium.