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  • PSV-ADO 



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  • Heracles-FC Utrecht


  • Sparta-sc Heerenveen 


  • FC Emmen-Feyenoord


PSV-ADO The Hague one minute ago



Zahavi makes no mistake from eleven meters and gives PSV the lead.

PSV-ADO The Hague one minute ago

16 'Van Ewijk seems to be playing the ball, but the penalty kick remains.

PSV can take a penalty kick.

PSV-ADO The Hague 5 minutes ago

13 'Penalty kick PSV! 

Zahavi is knocked out, but wasn't the ball played there?

The VAR will probably have a look.

PSV-ADO The Hague 5 minutes ago

10 'Malen misses an enormous chance of 1-0 when he shoots past goalkeeper Koopmans eye to eye.

If he had shot between the posts, his goal would have been rejected due to offside.

5 minutes ago

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 10 minutes ago

Lawyer: 'Injury Berghuis is not too bad'

According to trainer Dick Advocaat, the injury of Steven Berghuis is not too bad.

The captain of Feyenoord had to be replaced against FC Emmen in the first half with an upper leg injury at first glance.

"I think it is not too bad. It was a knee. He will be able to play again in two days", said a lawyer at 

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PSV-ADO The Hague 11 minutes ago

6 'PSV is chasing an early opening goal.

A header from Zahavi goes just wide.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 12 minutes ago

Lawyer: 'Should have decided the game earlier'

Feyenoord coach Dick Advocaat thinks that his team should have decided the game against FC Emmen earlier.

"If you get so many chances, you have to take the game to you earlier. I thought we were the better team in the first half, and we should. We didn't create many chances, but we were in control of the game. We just give two. goals away. "

PSV-ADO The Hague 17 minutes ago

1 'We are on the road in Eindhoven at PSV-ADO The Hague.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 19 minutes ago

Bannis: 'Am good enough for the base'

Naoufal Bannis is still over the moon after his 2-3 win for Feyenoord against FC Emmen.

"I got a pass Lutsharel (Lutsharel Geertruida, ed.) And the only thing I thought was head on. The trainer said to me that my chance would come. It was difficult to keep the patience, but I told the boys that- it is yet to come ”, said the self-confident Bannis at 

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The eighteen-year-old striker has also been criticized for the youth's lack of advancement.

"I just look at myself and want to prove the opposite. I think I'm good enough too. I am convinced that I will score more goals here."

19 minutes ago

PSV-ADO The Hague 22 minutes ago

Mario Götze could become the first player to score in his first two Eredivisie matches for PSV since Hirving Lozano in 2017/2018.

PSV-ADO The Hague 29 minutes ago

We are shifting the focus in this blog to Eindhoven where PSV-ADO Den Haag will start at 4.45 pm.

The people of Eindhoven miss almost a full match selection of players, whether or not due to corona infections.

The absentees:

  • Gakpo

  • Dumfries

  • Delanghe

  • Baumgartl

  • Rosario

  • Hendrix

  • Müller

  • Piroe

  • Viergever

  • Van Ginkel

  • Guti

  • Romero

  • Obispo

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 31 minutes ago

Toornstra: 'I had a bit of luck with winning 2-3'

Jens Toornstra, captain of Feyenoord after Steven Berghuis dropped out, has always believed in a three point for his team against the ten of FC Emmen in the hectic final phase.

"I told the boys that the chances were coming. But that he falls so late is a bit of luck", said the midfielder, maker of the 2-2, at

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Why Feyenoord played so difficult?

"I think we have too little patience. We play it straight forward and then lose balls. We have to cherish these points."

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 38 minutes ago

Feyenoord is frightened against ten FC Emmen.

With a goal by Naoufal Bannis in injury time, Feyenoord comes with a fright at FC Emmen.

The team of the troubled trainer Dick Advocaat wins 2-3, after falling behind twice at the Oude Meerdijk.

Mark Diemers and Jens Toornstra cancel the hits of Anco Jansen (penalty kick) and Michael de Leeuw (world goal), after which Bannis scores 2-3 with his head in the fourth minute of the extra time.

FC Emmen has been playing with ten since the 36th minute after a red card for goalscorer Jansen.

A loss for Feyenoord is the failure of Steven Berghuis, who has to leave injured before the break.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 41 minutes ago

90 + 4 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Feyenoord is finally released with a fright at the Oude Meerdijk and the celebrated man is substitute Naoufal Bannis.

The young striker heads a cross against the ropes from close range.

Relief and joy fight for priority in the Rotterdam camp.

41 minutes ago

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 42 minutes ago

90 + 2 'Orkun Kökçü may moor for a free kick from at least 25 meters, but like many teammates, he has not set his sights on sharp.

The ball flies a meter wide of Felix Wiedwald's goal.

Sparta-sc Heerenveen 42 minutes ago

Heerenveen records a big victory at Sparta

Heerenveen has a simple afternoon at Het Kasteel.

The Frisians beat Sparta 1-4 in Rotterdam.

Benjamin Nygren, Jan Paul van Hecke and Henk Veerman (twice) are responsible for the hits.

In injury time, Lennart Thy determines the final score from eleven meters.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 43 minutes ago

90 'Feyenoord really starts the final offensive and is close to 2-3 via substitute Bannis, but he also comes across a defender from FC Emmen.

The Rotterdammers seem to have to settle for one point at the Oude Meerdijk.

Only four minutes of injury time follow.

Sparta-sc Heerenveen 44 minutes ago

90 + 3 'GOAL Sparta!


Lennart Thy makes another goal of honor from eleven meters on behalf of the home team.

Sparta can of course no longer prevent loss of points.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

86 'Mark Diemers gets some space from his attackers from FC Emmen and hits from 20 meters with his left leg.

The shot sails a meter over the goal of FC Emmen goalkeeper Felix Wiedwald.

For example, FC Emmen has won another minute in the intense hunt for a point against the Rotterdam top club.

an hour ago

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

83 'If FC Emmen is left with a point from this lively meeting with Feyenoord, then the credits may go to goalkeeper Felix Wiedwald.

The German goalkeeper, who replaces the passed Dennis Telegenkamp under the bar, turns a cross from Lutsharel Geertruida who has just come in and keeps FC Emmen's ten at 2-2.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

80 'The siege of Feyenoord is now a fact around the FC Emmen penalty area.

The home team knows that in the meantime it can do nothing else than to cross the line 2-2 and defends tooth and nail in their own half.

There is no more in it for the team of trainer Dick Lukkien.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

78 'A remarkable change at Feyenoord: trainer Dick Advocaat brings Eric Botteghin within the lines as a battering ram.

The Brazilian, normally a central defender, takes the place of striker Bryan Linssen, who is clearly not happy with this change.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

75 ' 


Once again, the aluminum stands in the way of Feyenoord's necessary hit.

With a sharp cross, Tyrell Malacia finds the head of Bart Nieuwkoop, who finds the bar from close by.

Feyenoord is again close to 2-3.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

Still more than fifteen minutes to play at the Oude Meerdijk and Feyenoord still comes across a Drenthe wall of ten players from FC Emmen.

Will the team of troubled trainer Dick Advocaat lose points for the third time in a row against a relegation candidate in the Eredivisie?

an hour ago

Sparta-sc Heerenveen one hour ago

The last time Sparta lost at home with at least four goals difference in the Eredivisie was on December 17, 2017. City-mate Feyenoord then won 0-7.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

70 'Almost a new opportunity for Feyenoord, because Wiedwald gets the ball played back far too short.

The goalkeeper just manages to clear the ball.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

67 'After long insistence from Feyenoord, it is FC Emmen that tries it for a while, but with a man less it is difficult to find a hole in the defense of Feyenoord.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

63 'FC Emmen will hold its own in the second half for the time being, but for how long?

Feyenoord can be found with a man more constantly on the half of the home team, but another goal has not been scored so far.

PSV-ADO The Hague one hour ago

Lineups PSV and ADO announced

PSV and ADO have announced their



Lineup PSV:

Mvogo, Teze, Fein, Boscagli, Mauro, Sangaré, Thomas, Ihattaren, Götze, Malen, Zahavi

Lineup ADO:

Koopmans, van Ewijk, Rigo, Ratiu, Goossens , Bourard, Fabro, Philipp, Pinas, Kramer, Faye.

Sparta-sc Heerenveen one hour ago

56 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


It is again Henk Veerman who scores for Heerenveen.

A long pass from the defense ends up at Veerman, who is just not offside and can end up on goalkeeper Okoye on his own.

Veerman then coolly slides the ball past the Sparta goalkeeper.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

51 'Another great opportunity for Feyenoord!

Toornstra puts the ball ready for Kökcü, but the youngster does not get the ball into the net from about ten meters away.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

49 'A great opportunity for Narsingh!

The attacker hits the ball hard on the crossbar after a counter by Feyenoord.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord one hour ago

46 'Kick-off!

The second half has begun!

Do we get the same spectacular second half as the first 45 minutes?

Sparta-sc Heerenveen one hour ago

46 'Start second half!

In Rotterdam there was a kick-off at Sparta-sc Heerenveen.

Can Sparta do anything in return in the second half?

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

It is


on the Oude Meerdijk in Emmen, where Emmen and Feyenoord will rest after a spectacular first half including an early penalty for Emmen, a red card for Anco Jansen, an injury for Steven Berghuis, a penalty for Feyenoord and a beautiful goal from Michael de Leeuw.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

45 + 3 'GOAL Feyenoord!


Jens Toornstra gets the ball passed by Narsingh, takes it easy and shoots the ball in the long corner past goalkeeper Wieldwald.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

43 'GOAL FC Emmen!


What a goal from Michael de Leeuw!

The attacker takes the ball with him on his chest in one go, after which he shoots over goalkeeper Marsman with a hard shot and gives FC Emmen the lead with ten men!

Sparta-sc Heerenveen 2 hours ago

42 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


It is Henk Veerman who provides the 0-3 for the away team.

Veerman scores on a pass from Benjamin Nygren.

Veerman is the first player since Arber Zeneli in 2016 to be accurate on behalf of Heerenveen in four consecutive Eredivisie matches.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

40 'GOAL Feyenoord!


It is Mark Diemers who shoots in the penalty for Feyenoord.

After all, permanent penalty taker Berghuis is no longer on the field.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

39 '



It is Aroujo who holds a Feyenoord player Bannis in the penalty area.

It gives him a yellow card.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

36 '


for Anco Jansen!

The scorer of the goal must leave the field after a rough charge on Diemers in midfield.

A totally unnecessary offense, but the card is correct.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

35 'FC Emmen tries to exploit the surplus situation and that leads to two chances in quick succession.

But Anco Jansen, among others, does not have a sharp eye.

FC Emmen-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

31 'A well-deserved yellow card for Nick Bakker, who continues on the sidelines on Steven Berghuis.

The international cannot continue and must leave the field.

So Feyenoord for a while with ten men in the field now.

Meanwhile, Berghuis stumbles back to the dug-out.

That doesn't look good for the midfielder.

Sparta-sc Heerenveen 2 hours ago

25 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


It is Jan Paul van Hecke who manages to jump highest with a corner kick.

With a striking header, the ball disappears behind goalkeeper Okoye!

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