Chinanews client, October 31. The 2020 Snooker Champions League ended this morning, Beijing time. Karen Wilson defeated Trump 3-1 in the final to win the championship.

Although "The Witcher" John Higgins failed to advance to the final battle, he scored a perfect score of 147 in his 11th career in the game that day, tying with "Billiard King" Stephen Hendry to come second in history.

  After the competition in the group stage, a total of 8 players advanced to the final stage. In addition to Trump, Selby, Higgins and other world champions, Chinese players Zhou Yuelong and Zhao Xintong were also among them.

The 8 contestants were divided into two groups and each qualified for the finals.

  In the game between John Higgins and Karen Wilson, Higgins scored his 11th shot with a perfect score of 147, ending the game with a score of 3-1.

At this point, Higgins's full score tied Hendry and came to the second place in history.

Ahead of them is "Rocket" O'Sullivan.

  Although he won the duel, but comparing the points and the relationship between victory and defeat, Wilson finally qualified for the finals, his opponent is Trump.

  The finals adopt a 5-game 3-win system.

After Karen Wilson took the lead, Trump responded with 118 points on a single stroke, and the two sides evenly split the first two games.

  However, since then the game has completely fallen into the rhythm of Karen Wilson.

Although Trump has been in good condition for a long time, he failed to contain Karen Wilson's offensive in this final.

With 88 points in a single stroke, Karen Wilson defeated Trump 3-1 and won the Champions League.

  Karen Wilson said after the game, “I think Trump can often inspire my best level. When I played against him, I knew I had to play to my best and I had to work hard to seize the opportunity to make everything happen. From the very beginning, I was so determined. I scored a very difficult red ball in the pocket and won the first game with a single shot. In this format, the first game is very important."