The Golden Trail Series takes place in the Azores and consists of a prologue and three stages over four days.

Tove Alexandersson had to stand over the prologue due to a coronation test taken too early, but thus won the first real stage.

She ran the 26 kilometers on 2.10.00, almost seven minutes faster than runner-up Maude Mathys, Switzerland.

But it did not happen without problems.

During the race, she sprained her foot.

- I do not know how bad it is, we have to take care of it now and see how it develops, she told Trailrunning Sweden.

32 kilometers today

Of the three other Swedes, Johanna Åström finished at the top of the results list in seventh place, Fanny Borgström 14th and Annie Sönnerborg-Wadenhorn, 31st.

In the men's class Sebastian Ljungdahl finished in 56th place.

The competition continues on Friday with a 32 kilometer race with a difference of 1,300 meters.

CLIP: Tove Alexandersson won the Swedish Championship sprint (October 10, 2020)

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