Freestyle star Henrik Harlaut, who in January became the skier to win the most X-Games medals ever (twelve), says he is better trained than he has ever been, now that the new season is approaching.

The reason for this: Corona pandemic.

- I think I have had my best pre-season and summer ever.

I have had an incredible amount of time and trained the guaranteed hardest I have ever trained, he says, and continues:

- During this whole corona thing, I have never really turned anything off.

I've just been "on it" all along.

I just drove and meat, haha.

"Focus on getting better"

Apart from training and competitions, Harlaut usually spends a lot of time recording different films.

This is something he has not done as much lately and in the future.

- Before the season, the most focus is on getting better at skiing, really.

There will be a little smaller competitions because some have been canceled, and I have no major film project underway, he says, and further explains:

- So I will have a lot of time to work on what I have as weaknesses.

Because when you go from competition to film recording and competition to recording, it becomes easy to only do the things you are good at and do not really have time to work on your weaknesses.

- So I hope I get a lot of time on the skis and can ski so much and compete, of course.

ARCHIVE: See Harlaut's historic gold in the X-games (January 25, 2020)

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Henrik Harlaut is now historic with twelve medals in the X-games.

Photo: Niklas Eriksson / ski association