Chinanews client, Beijing, October 30 (Bian Liqun) As Jiangsu Suning drew 1:1 with Shanghai SIPG on the evening of the 29th, the third round of the second phase of the Chinese Super League ended.

Due to Shanghai Shenhua and Shandong Luneng’s regretful exit from the championship group before, the Tianjin Teda, Dalianren and other teams in the relegation group also landed ahead of schedule. At present, as many as 8 teams are in a state of desperation. The lively scene of "Lele" has returned to "Lone Lele".

  Of course, the "Battle of Heavenly Kings Mountain" like Guangzhou Evergrande and Beijing Guoan really played the highest level of the Chinese Super League, which was very ornamental, and made fans hooked.

But in general, whether it is the championship or the relegation group, the results of the competition are somewhat unremarkable.

Now that the Chinese Super League has come to an end, there are not too many accidental factors under the extremely accidental cup competition system.

SIPG and Suning's championship battle is not very interesting.

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The championship and relegation are all quite plain

  Looking at the standings of last season, you will find that the top four are exactly the same as the semi-finals of this season.

Guangzhou Evergrande was crowned the eighth champion of the Chinese Super League. Beijing Guoan and Shanghai SIPG, which were defeated in the three-armed battle, ranked second and third respectively, and Jiangsu Suning ranked fourth.

  Unlike last year, when Guoan and Heng battled to a 0:0 tie, Suning was tied 1:1 by SIPG with one goal leading and one more player.

And judging from the scene, it was much duller than before.

Especially in the battle of SIPG Suning, the two sides used a 5-back formation and wanted to pursue a counterattack based on the defense. This also resulted in a fight in the midfield for most of the game.

  Of course, I can't blame the coaches or players on both sides, because the "cup" teams inevitably tend to be pragmatic.

In the case of a double round and no away goal system, it is more like a game that stretches to 180 minutes. The first 90 minutes of the first round is a test of each other in the first half. After 5 days of "intermission", both sides In the 90 minutes of the second half, there will be more targeted deployment and fighting.

Evergrande and Guoan played the highest level in the Super League, but the balance of the game has not been broken.

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  But even so, the two championship battles in the second round may not be able to play a wide-open scene. After all, there was a gap in points between the championship teams in the past seasons. The lagging side may play more aggressively in the game. This seeks to turn around.

But now the teams are all on the same starting line, and there is no reason for aggressive play. No matter how strong the lineup is, they still have to play.

  As for the relegation group, the rankings and the results of the competition also showed an unremarkable situation.

At present, the last four teams are all newly promoted in the past two seasons. In the first round, Wuhan Zall defeated Qingdao Huanghai 2:1 and Shenzhen Kaisa 1-0 against Shijiazhuang Yongchang.

The two Chinese Super League "sophomores" still showed their absolute advantage in terms of experience and the thickness of the lineup when they faced the "first graders", and their ability to distinguish between the winners and losers depended on this.

The lineup strength of Wuhan Zall, a “second-year student” in the Super League, is significantly higher than that of the newly promoted Qingdao Huanghai.

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Can there be surprises in the end?

  Before the start of the season, the outside world generally expected that the special season biased to the game system may produce unexpected results.

However, judging from the current progress of the league, apart from the first stage of Chongqing Dangdai and Hebei Huaxia Xingfu counterattack into the championship group, it seems that there are not too many surprises.

And in terms of the excellent state shown by the two teams, it is believed that even in the normal competition system in the past, the two teams can also be among the upper reaches of the league.

  Going back to the current two rounds of championship and relegation matchups, I am afraid that it will still be difficult to escape the bland "theme" by then.

  Although Evergrande and Guoan drew 0:0 in the first round, the former still showed an absolute advantage in terms of absolute chance or lineup thickness.

And Guoan has put out the best performance of the season and played to the extreme.

In the second round, if you want to remain undefeated, you must continue to carry it to the end. You can't go wrong with one step.

  Even so, Evergrande still has a greater chance of qualifying for the finals.

After all, Wei Shihao and Yang Liyu replaced Fernando and Exxon with such "luxury" adjustments. Looking beyond the scope, only Evergrande can enjoy them.

In the second round, will Jiangsu Suning give Shanghai SIPG a fatal blow?

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  The only thing that may bring surprises may be Suning. This battle was tied by the ten-player SIPG. It is not so much how tenacious the opponent is to play, but it is Suning's own mess.

In the case of playing one more person, Suning transformed himself from the weaker side to the dominant side, lost the previous tight defense, and finally in the opponent's counterattack, inadvertently committed an own goal.

  If Suning continues to pinpoint his position in the second round and insists on defensive counterattacks, he might get good results.

You know, SIPG has only scored 4 goals in the last 6 games, of which 3 were penalties and 1 was an own goal.

The team under Pereira has never been able to find a way to break through the battle of positions. Once it fails to counterattack, the team will fall into a very awkward situation.

  Once it comes to the final championship battle, Suning may continue to have surprises.

After all, Evergrande is also a team that is good at defensive and counterattacks. Under the mutual restraint play, it is very likely that some unexpected situations will occur.

Of course, this premise is that Suning must play hemorrhagic in tough battles and show the temperament of a strong team.

I hope that in the second round next Monday, the Chinese Super League can bring more surprises to the fans in the process or results.

This is the charm of football.