[Explanation] After three years, the League of Legends Global Finals returned to China and settled in Shanghai. This global event under the new crown pneumonia epidemic has achieved mutual success with the growing "global e-sports capital" Shanghai.

  A new crown pneumonia epidemic caused global professional sports events to press the pause button.

In this context, the difficulty of successfully holding the League of Legends Global Finals S10 (hereinafter referred to as S10) can be imagined.

On the evening of October 29, the person in charge of the event stated in the pre-S10 finals announcement that Shanghai had received a lot of help from the preparatory work to the safety and epidemic prevention work.

  [Concurrent] Lin Song, head of Riot Games China

  In fact, I can tell you that for all the epidemic prevention measures and all the work that you have seen, we may have such a thick stack of epidemic prevention manuals and some safety standards behind us.

In the whole process, not only our own internal team, but also many external partners from Shanghai and China gave us a lot of help, trusting us, helping us, and supporting us under such difficult conditions.

(S10) has become one of the few major international events in the world this year. Thank you everyone, Shanghai, China, and everyone for your support.

  [Explanation] According to reports, in addition to the Vietnam VCS competition area, from the Chinese mainland LPL, South Korea LCK, Europe LEC, North America LCS, CIS LCL, Brazil CBLOL, Southeast Asia PCS, Latin America LLA, Turkey TCL, Oceania OPL, Japan LJL, etc. 22 teams from 11 divisions all participated as scheduled.

  In the face of China's e-sports game market size of over 100 billion yuan and the expected number of Chinese e-sports users to exceed 400 million, the S10 passion under the epidemic has spread in Shanghai.

  The final championship and runner-up finals, which are only open for on-site viewing qualifications, have received more than 3.2 million appointment registrations since the opening of applications at 12 o'clock on October 12th to October 14th, and the number of final qualifications for viewing is only 6,312.

The Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium, which will host the S10 finals, was originally planned to be completed and delivered in 2021. The Shanghai Municipal Government will complete its "first show" on October 31, 2020 in order to cope with the global finals to a perfect landing and overcome numerous difficulties.

It is reported that the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium has incorporated a number of high-tech concepts in the construction process, such as BIM technology, drone real-time scanning, AR augmented reality technology, and smart construction sites. It is one of the most advanced stadiums in China.

  Just as the sports industry needs more than just athletes, with the accelerated development of Shanghai e-sports events, the trend of formalization and commercialization is becoming more and more mature, and the industry chain increasingly needs the support of professional talents.

This also means that in addition to professional players, the e-sports industry engaged in e-sports related work such as referees, data analysts, behind-the-scenes OBs, commentators, club management, and event organizers all urgently need to develop.

  Shanghai not only brought a rematch to the S10 under the epidemic, but also brought a recovery and increase in attention.

As Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent said, Shanghai may have become the global e-sports capital.

  [Concurrent] Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games

  I feel from the bottom of my heart that I don't think there is another city in the world that can hold the global finals like Shanghai at this time.

This year, Shanghai is about to become or has become the global e-sports capital.

Although affected by the global epidemic, at some point this Saturday, fans from all over China and the world will gather together to witness the peak battle of e-sports.

  Reporter Miao Lu, Xu Yin, Kang Yuzhan from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Liu Pai]