Farid El Melali, Sco d'Angers striker, here against Rouen.


L. Benoist / AFP

Six months suspended prison sentence.

This is what the Angers court decided on Thursday against SCO attacker Farid El Melali, 23, accused of acts of sexual exhibition towards two young women.

The Ligue 1 player was targeted by two complaints for acts committed on April 16 and 17, as well as between March 28 and April 26.

His sentence was accompanied by a probationary suspension of 18 months and an obligation of psychiatric care, as well as a 2,000 euros fine.

He must also compensate the victims, who are neighbors of the young man, for the moral damage suffered.

A victim "still terrified"

“My client was particularly shocked.

He came to his window two days in a row at the same time, which caused him anxiety attacks.

She decided to move from her home after confinement, ”responded Me Sophie Dufourgburg, lawyer for one of the victims.

“My client is still terrified to see him again.

She works in a brewery in the city center and had been paralyzed, forced to stop her service, when she had crossed paths with him, ”said Philippe Goupille, lawyer for the second victim.

For his part, Farid El Melali's lawyer did not wish to comment on the decision.

On Wednesday, another SCO attacker, Stéphane Bahoken, was sentenced to four months suspended prison sentence this time for violence, insults and death threats against his ex-partner, as well as a three-month suspended sentence for a traffic offense.


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