The career of German tennis player Alexander Zverev, who has won two titles in the past two weeks, is on the rise, which cannot be said about his personal life.

A few days after winning the tournament in Cologne, he found himself at the center of two scandals at once, initiated by his former girls.

First, German model Brenda Patea announced that she was 20 weeks pregnant.

The child's father is Zverev, with whom she broke up in August of this year.

“Before that, a crisis arose in our relations due to different views on life.

Everyone who lives with an athlete has to make concessions.

We did not plan for the child, but I will do my best so that he grows up in a harmonious environment.

I am lucky that I can raise him on my own, ”said Patea in an interview with the German Gala.

She explained that after parting, she did not contact the tennis player in any way and did not intend to.

Later, the model shared the news on social networks, admitting that her upcoming motherhood is both pleasing and "a little scary".

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Publication from Brenda (@brendapatea) Oct 28, 2020 at 10:00 PDT

Zverev and Patea started dating in November last year.

They met by chance in one of the Parisian cafes, according to the model, they immediately liked each other and decided not to hide the relationship.

Despite the busy schedule, she found time to attend tournaments in which her lover participated.

The separation of the couple just a few months after the start of the relationship became known, as is often the case, from social networks.

Both began to delete joint photos on Instagram, and then completely unsubscribed from each other.

Zverev did not react in any way to the fact that he would soon become a father for the first time.

And a few hours after the first news came the second, which could have much more serious consequences for him.

Russian model and photographer Olga Sharypova, with whom the German had an affair before Patea, told on her page on social networks that more than a year ago she became a victim of domestic violence.

According to her, the first incident occurred at the beginning of the relationship - the young man hit her head against the wall, and then accused that she raised her hand against him.

This happened several times, the girl claims, but she did not leave the offender, as she believed that he would change.

And in August last year, they tried to strangle her with a pillow and she had to run barefoot from a hotel in New York, Sharypova added.

She did not give the name of the young man, only noting that she wanted to support women in a similar situation.

However, according to some details of her story, it could be assumed that we are talking about Zverev.

She soon confirmed these suspicions.

According to her, the last quarrel occurred before the start of the US Open-2019.

She walked with friends in New York and returned a little later than she promised.

The tennis player did not like this, and he attacked her.

Sharypova tried to leave, but he didn’t want anyone to find out about what had happened and would not let her go.

“Sasha pushed me against the wall and said that he would get nothing for it.

And that no one cares about me, no matter what he does to me.

Fortunately, at that moment people appeared, and I rushed out into the street with them.

I was alone, barefoot in the middle of the street.

It's good that I had a phone number, and I was able to contact a friend who took me to his family, ”Sharypova told the Championship.

The girl added that the next day she returned to the hotel for her things, and a quarrel again occurred between her and the tennis player.

According to her, Zverev threw her clothes into the hall, but he kept her passport, so she could not immediately fly home.

As confirmation of her words, Olga showed her correspondence with an acquaintance who took her to him.

Then Zverev and Sharypova made up, she even went to competitions with him.

But soon the relationship ended completely.

The model admitted that none of her acquaintances knew about the violence in their couple.

According to her, she decided to tell about what happened only now, because for a long time she felt fear and could not come to her senses.

As for two news at once that appeared on the same day and showed Zverev from an unsightly side, the Russian woman called it an accident.

“I was going to talk about it.

And I wanted to do it for a long time.

It just so happened that it was on this day that two of his ex-girlfriends made loud statements.

Boomerang returned to him today.

For each of their actions, people must be responsible: whether it is a child or violence, ”she added.

According to her, she has no direct evidence of beating, since acts of violence have always taken place without witnesses.

At the same time, the girl said that she was ready to go through any checks, including a lie detector.

Sharypova has also played tennis in the past and has known Zverev for many years.

They started dating in December 2018.

Four months later, it became known about their separation, but then the couple got back together.

And although most of the fans sided with the girls, there were those who called to wait for the tennis player's official statements and not blame him until proven guilty.

Some social media users have expressed the opinion that Patea's reluctance to improve relations with the father of her unborn child is due to the fact that she could also be abused by him.

The next day, Zverev commented on both scandalous stories.

He stated that he was ready to take care of his unborn child and would be happy to become a father.

“The last days have become a real test for me.

At 23, I will become a father.

I am very much looking forward to the birth of this child.

Although Brenda and I are no longer together, we have a good relationship and I will fulfill my fatherly responsibilities.

We will take care of this little growing man together.

But this is a private matter, I do not want to talk too much about him in public.

I am sure that Brenda and I will be able to figure it out without the participation of the media, ”Zverev wrote on Instagram.

As for the domestic violence allegations, the German tennis player called them false.

He urged Sharypova to resolve the differences that arose between them and to settle everything.

“Today I read in the media about the groundless accusations that my ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova has brought against me.

They make me very sad.

We have known each other since childhood and have gone through a lot together.

I am very sorry that she is making such statements, because it is simply not true.

We had a relationship, but they ended long ago.

I can't imagine why Olga is making such accusations now.

I sincerely hope that we will find a way to make our relationship reasonable and respectful again, ”the athlete added.

In response to this publication, Zvereva Sharypova stated that she was telling the truth, and she explained her appeal to the media with her story by the fact that the tennis player did not want to make contact with her.

“My story has just begun.

Just lying?

I don’t know if it was you or the person who runs your Instagram, but until today you didn’t have the courage to answer me directly.

I'm not lying, and we both know about it.

I'm not afraid to tell the truth, are you?

I want to show all men who allow themselves to treat women badly that we are not just jewelry, not "+1", not dolls with which you can do whatever you want.

If you thought that I would be silent after everything that I experienced during our relationship, you were wrong.

You could not answer the questions personally.

I had to do this, ”Sharypova explained her position.