Tottenham in the English Premier League suffered a shock defeat in Belgium in the Europa League. Son Heung-min made a substitution in the second half but was silent and failed to score for 5 consecutive games.

This is Yoo Byung-min.


Tottenham started the match with Antwerp, Belgium, which was considered one number below one, giving a break to the leading players such as Son Heung-min and Kane in an away match.

Tottenham, who missed two of the main strikers, continued a frustrating attack and gave Antwerp the opening goal in the 29th minute.

Defender Ben Davis scored a goal for Rafaelov as he took the ball from his own side.

Manager Mourinho, who became impatient, replaced 4 people including Son Heung-min at the start of the second half, but was unable to break through the opponent's dense defense.

In the 13th minute of the second half, Kane took out his last replacement card, but he struggled with Antwerp's tough defense and couldn't make a tie.

Tottenham lost 1-0 and placed second in the group after Antwerp.

Son Heung-min shot several times, but failed to score for 5 consecutive games because the opponent's defense was blocked by the defense.

England's Leicester City won a 2-1 victory in the Greece Anete away game with Jamie Bard's opening goal in penalty kick and Chouduri's key goal.