Professional baseball Hanshin Fukudome Aiming to continue active duty by transferring to other baseball teams October 30, 6:02

Kosuke Fukudome of Hanshin, who is the oldest active player in professional baseball at the age of 43 and is out of the team's plan for next season, will transfer to another baseball team on the 29th, saying "I don't want to end with regrets" Clarified my thoughts.

Fukudome, who has been the oldest player in the field, has only participated in 43 games so far, with a batting average of 10%, 5 minutes, 4 RBIs, 1 home run, and 12 RBIs, which is out of the team's plan for next season. Was there.

Fukudome participated in the match of the 2nd army held at Naruohama Stadium in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture on the 29th, and then responded to media reports, saying, "I participated in the official match with the Hanshin uniform. It was my property that I was allowed to play in Hanshin for eight years. ”He revealed that he will leave Hanshin only this season.

After that, he transferred to another baseball team, saying, "Baseball, which I've been playing for over 20 years, is my life, so I don't want to end with regrets. Then, he showed his intention to continue working.

Fukudome joined the Hanshin Tigers in 2013 after going through the major leagues from Chunichi, and in 2016 he achieved 2000 hits in total in Japan and the United States, the sixth Japanese player.

On the other hand, Fukudome broke the rules of the team last month and had a dinner with a total of eight people in the expedition destination Nagoya city, and since some of the participants were infected, he was treated like a close contact and participated in the 1st army. The player registration was deleted, and after that, adjustments by the 2nd army continued.