Major League Baseball (MLB) has opened an investigation into Justin Turner.

The third baseman for Los Angeles Dodgers was removed from the field on Tuesday-evening (local time) during the deciding game against Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series due to a positive corona test, but then returned for the festivities.

The 35-year old Turner was taken off the field after the seventh inning and placed in isolation.

After the decisive 3-1 win for the Dodgers, the American returned to celebrate the MLB title.

Despite his positive test, he cuddled with teammates and even took off his mouth mask for the team photo.

"Turner chose to ignore protocols designed to ensure everyone's safety," the MLB wrote in a statement.

"While the desire to celebrate is understandable, his decision was wrong. He endangered everyone he came into contact with."

When security on the spot realized that Turner was back on the field, it was made clear to him once again that he was breaking the rules and that he should go back in isolation.

"But he refused to cooperate."

It is not clear whether Turner can actually expect disciplinary punishment for breaking the rules.

The MLB's corona protocol reportedly contains no sanction provisions.

According to


, the baseball association will investigate whether Turner has been helped by employees of LA Dodgers.

Kenley Jansen's team became MLB champions for the first time since 1988 with the victory over Tampa Bay Rays.

Turner's four-year contract with the Dodgers (worth $ 64 million, more than $ 54 million) expired after Wednesday's game.


@ redturn2 Looks like you were celebrating just fine and sitting maskless next to your high risk manager


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