With the approach of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the "Drawing Winter Olympics, Skating Snow, Talking about Health" event jointly sponsored by the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration and the Organizing Committee of the China Ice and Snow Conference will be held in Shijingshan, Beijing on October 29 The Jingyuan School was launched, aiming to promote ice and snow sports into the campus and drive the whole people to participate in ice and snow sports.

  The "Drawing Winter Olympics, Skating and Snow, Talking about Health" activities in 100 cities and thousands of schools are planned to be launched in 1,000 schools in 100 cities across the country, with general knowledge classes for ice and snow sports, activity training bases, and ice and snow sports social sports instructors as starting points , Through online and offline teaching, instruct students to participate in the three theme activities of "Drawing Winter Olympics, Skating Snow, Talking about Health".

  Among the three main categories, "Painting Winter Olympics" is based on the popularization of ice and snow sports knowledge, organizing the creation of ice and snow literary works such as painting, calligraphy, composition, and photography; And roller skating venues, experience ice and snow sports in practical training; "Speaking Health" uses online answering questions, offline knowledge contests, speech contests, talk shows and other forms to guide young people to maintain health through ice and snow sports.

  According to reports, this ice-snow activity was first carried out in Shijingshan District. The 10 primary schools in Shijingshan District will be the first batch of experimental schools, and will be promoted to Shijingshan District, Beijing and the whole country.

  At the launching ceremony, teachers and students from the elementary school of Jingyuan School demonstrated a number of dryland ice and snow sports courses.

Li Jiajun, the world champion of short track speed skating, also came to the scene to teach the primary school students technical skills.

(Reporter: Xing Chong editor Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: 【Luo Pan】