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For now, there is no date for the next elections to the




Although convening them is the main task of the Management Commission, its president,

Carles Tusquets

, has wanted to make it very clear that the maximum participation of the partners must be ensured.

For this reason, he has assured that they will not be influenced by external pressures and that they will be carried out "as soon as possible", underlining, precisely, the word "possible".

A statement that invites us to think that January next year is still the most plausible scenario for them right now.

"We want to call the elections

as soon as possible

, and I emphasize the word possible. What we will not do is accept pressure to be at inappropriate times. None of the members of the manager have aspirations to enter a new board of directors.

We want the next Board to have the maximum possible support

, and that


maximum participation, "Tusquets said in an appearance before the media in which there was no question time.

In accordance with the club's statutes, the term for the elections to be held is three months from the inauguration of the members of the Management Commission.

Next week, as noted, the media will be called again to give new details.

In addition to Carles Tusquets, as president, the Management Committee is made up of

Joan Ramon Ramos

, as vice president, Joan Lluís Garcia, as treasurer, Josep Maria Mir, as secretary, and Miquel Lladó, Josep Maria Xercavins, Àlex Tintoré and Sònia Cano, as members .

"The names have been chosen by consensus between the Catalan Ombudsman and myself. Due to these circumstances, we have thought it appropriate that there are only members of the Economic Commission and the Disciplinary Commission," Tusquets explained.

"We have also asked that a person from the transparency commission be appointed, with a voice, but without a vote. We are very interested in showing this transparency to all partners," he added.

The president of the

Management Commission

, on the other hand, expressed his concern at the current economic situation caused by the pandemic and assured that he will try to cushion its effects.


Barça is the club in Spain, and perhaps Europe, that has the most dependence on tourism

. It affects us the same or worse than the hotel and restaurant industry. The economic situation is not comfortable and we will try to straighten it out. Also, taking ideas from the previous Board, to see which ones are applicable to minimize the damage that this pandemic is doing to us, "he said.


Síndic del Soci

, Joan Manuel Trayter, for his part, wanted to send a message of reassurance to the partners.

"We have survived kidnapping of players, a bomb fell on us in the Civil War and we were left without a headquarters, a president, Sunyol, was killed ... We have lived through many difficult situations and the club continued to function. And it will continue to do so," he said. .

"I want to take advantage, with the permission of the president, to ask the Barcelona environment, an example of democracy, coexistence, sportsmanship and transparency, that the Management Commission can work calmly these months to call the elections. I also ask them to trust the winner and that we support our new president as we have always done, "he concluded.

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