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Everything is still going well in the best of the world in the French women's team.

The climate is not tense.

But then not at all, at all not.

It's not as if a titular goalkeeper had put her international career on hiatus because Corinne Deacon's management did not suit her.

Back to the first degree.

Sarah Bouhaddi therefore addressed a huge tackle to the coach of the Blue in an interview with OL TV.

Be careful, it's salty.

“I made a difficult choice, but one that I assume, because the post-World Cup was very difficult with Corinne Deacon on the last stages.

I do not regret because I lived very badly there, ”detailed Bouhaddi, not very confident about the future of the France team for Euro 2022.

“Winning a title with this coach seems impossible to me.

We live in a very, very negative climate.

I don't see myself winning anything with this manager, and a lot of players think so too but don't say it.

It will not work, I can put my two hands to cut that the France team will not win the Euro if Corinne Deacon remains, ”she continued.

A relationship without interest

Bouhaddi also indicated having explained to Deacon the reasons for her withdrawal from the selection: "As long as she does not trust me, that there is no relationship between her and me, there is no has no interest […] She accepted it, the conversation lasted a minute.


These statements come in a tense period for the French women's team, after a disappointing draw in Austria (0-0) Tuesday in qualifying for the Euro.

The October rally was marked by the non-selection of Captain Amandine Henry, a choice criticized by some Lyonnaise and which rekindled questions about the supposedly very fresh relationship between Deacon and OL executives.


French women's team: What is the problem between Corinne Deacon and Les Bleues?

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