Both Linköping and Leksand have paused their operations due to corona infection and 14 SHL matches have been moved after confirmed corona falls in various teams.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell gives his view on the situation in ice hockey.

Should one continue to play in the SHL in view of the spread of infection that takes place there?

- You really have to learn from this.

Trying to understand why so much is happening in this particular environment?

You have to see what else you can do to ensure that it is possible to keep your distance when you have this type of business.

Maybe do this type of break (as in Linköping, editor's note) from time to time to reduce the spread of infection.

See what you can do in the locker room and replacement booth so that you really break this, says Tegnell.

- Because even though these individuals rarely get sick themselves, they are a risk to their surroundings.

"You can do quite a lot"

Is it even possible to follow the recommendations in ice hockey?

- I think it is possible to do quite a lot.

It is not the tackles on the track that are dangerous.

The dangerous part is quite safe when you hang out in the locker room afterwards or when you sit in the replacement booth very close to each other.

You take off and put on protection, drink from the same water bottles and such.

There is a lot in the environments that you can do.

Will we see a winter with continued matches and competitions?

- Yes, I think we must understand that it can be so.

We have this infection and it will not go away.

It will probably come and go during the winter and autumn in a way that means that we will probably have to cancel arrangements from time to time.

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