Stade Rennais has a lot to do on Sevilla FC in the Champions League, October 28, 2020. -

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: I'll leave you with this pap who says that we are right not to expect too much from Stade Rennais (for our own good).

Time to finish the PSG match and I'm coming back here for the kickoff.


Sevilla FC-Stade Rennais: The Rennais are so much better with the status of outsider via @ 20minutesRennes

- 20 Minutes Rennes (@ 20minutesrennes) October 28, 2020

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: Mission complicated in any case this evening for the Rennes residents, deprived of Camavinga and Nzonzi in the middle.

As if the trip to Seville was not that complicated ... 

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: I have something to temporarily change your mind, if you will, with this enticing Sevilla FC-Stade Rennais.

Two playful teams, we hope to vibrate a bit more than yesterday with OM (we have known more complicated ...). 


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I was going to ask you how you are doing but given that Manu Macron is announcing that we will be spending even more time in our house, I think I know the answer. 

It is no longer the same competition, nor the same teams, of course, but the memory is still alive.

In February 2019, Stade Rennais signed the greatest feat of its short European history in Seville, by exiting Betis in the round of 16 of the Europa League.

A match that had helped to uninhibit the Bretons, winners in the wake of the Coupe de France against PSG and qualified this season for their first Champions League.

Here they are back in Andalusia, to face Sevilla FC this time.

"Perhaps a very good place to come together, find the necessary resources, this solidity, this commitment and this solidarity that we are a little lacking at the moment," said Julien Stéphan.

That's all we hope for Rennes, after their frustrating draw against Krasnodar at home last week. 

>> We meet at the end of the PSG match to follow our little Bretons in the big European Cup ...

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