- A normal season, perhaps everyone who now stays at home had played sick.

But we must take the safe before the unsafe, even if it is sad that they miss a match, says Luleå's assistant sports director Ulf Engman to NSD.

Niklas Olausson and Daniel Sondell are the latest to fall ill, writes NSD.

Victor Berglund, Carl Mattsson and coach Berglund were already ill.

In addition, the people of Norrbotten miss Eddie Larsson, Petter Emanuelsson and Jesper Wallstedt and Jack Connolly, who misses the match in Ängelholm for private reasons.

Does not postpone

Several matches in the SHL have been postponed due to corona, but Luleå has not tried to get the match moved.

- No, we do not have that.

There are clear rules for that.

We have contacted Rögle and said that we have some diseases in the squad, but that we do not have a confirmed case.

Then the rules are such that we play, Engman says to NSD.

KLIPP: SHL's sports director: "The national team break comes at the right time" (26 October 2020)

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Johan Hemlin, sports director in the SHL.

Photo: Bildbyrån