Already at the break, Höör's lead was 14-8 and the guests did not slow down in the second half - quite the opposite.

In just eight minutes, Höör made it 8-1 at Boden and got a 13 goal lead.

Goalkeeper Gry Bergdahl had an evening between the posts.

Bergdahl accounted for 20 saves and landed on a save percentage of almost 65.

There was a big class difference between the teams and at most Höör led with 18 balls in the second half.

In the end, it was 33-15 for Höör who took the sixth straight victory in SHE and thus remains undefeated.

Höör is together with Skuru the only team that has taken the full pot so far.

Boden remains at zero points after six straight losses in the beginning of SHE.