Frida Östberg thinks that Peter Gerhardsson's way of working is reflected in how Sweden performed when the team defeated Iceland 2-0.

- When it comes down to it, then Sweden is the best.

And you see the clear profiles.

Gerhardsson is clear in what he expects in each position.

It is quality that counts, and the players feel that if I perform, I will continue to join the national team.

It is clear in Olivia Schough who had to start two games in a row, and scored a class goal, says Frida Östberg.

"Good at motivating"

Östberg believes that the mix of experienced and young will be important for the Swedish team in the European Championships.

- There are young players who are on the way forward, but Gerhardsson is also good at motivating and keeping the energy of the older players in the game.

You look at Caroline Seger, for example, she thinks it's great to be able to play football in the national team.

Sweden will have a very nice mix in the future England 2022, says Frida Östberg.