Lee Dong-guk, who announced his retirement, made a speech at a press conference.

He said he decided to retire because he hated his weakness and promised to finish with the championship cup.

This is reporter Lee Jeong-chan.




/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: I couldn't stand the pain of my body, but I couldn't stand my mental weakness.] Lee

Dong-guk expressed his reason for retirement, saying that he did not like to become impatient and weak during his injury rehabilitation last summer.

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai attacker: It seems that anyone made a decision because it is time to stop.] In

front of the regretful children, I tried hard to pretend to be calm, but

[Jaea Lee/Dong-guk Lee daughter: Now the father is playing a goal and celebrating I don't think I can see it]

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: I'll show you my dad scoring goals.] I

burst into tears that I held back as

I brought out my

father's story.

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: Tomorrow you will be retiring, so I would like to tell you that your father has suffered so far, and you can retire.]

In the 844 games, the largest number of all games in the country for 23 years


Lee Dong-guk, who left the legend of 344 goals, cited the fantastic volley that defeated Germany as the best goal.

[Lee Dong-guk/Jeonbuk Hyundai attacker: I still vividly remember the moment when the foot and the ball were (hit).]

I was disappointed with the injury just before the 2006 World Cup, but



Lee/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: I don't want to remember the time at that time.

It's so hard...


After moving to Jeonbuk at the age of thirty, I reopened my heyday and came here.

Lee Dong-guk pledged to lift his 8th championship cup in his last match this Sunday.

[Dongguk Lee/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: It should always end with a happy ending.

That's this moment...


[Dong-guk Lee/Jeonbuk Hyundai striker: Can I take a picture?

Always taking pictures]

(Video coverage: Kyunjong Kim, video editing: Byungjik Kim)