Karim Benzema and Ferland Mendy -

Manu Fernandez / AP / SIPA

The group does not live very well at Real Madrid, where some players, including Karim Benzema, have a bit of a slap on Vinicius.

Released in the 70th against Mönchengladbach and strongly criticized by the sports press for his disappointing match on Tuesday night, the Brazilian especially pissed off our national Karim.

So that after leaving the locker room at half-time, Benzema expressed his dismay to Ferland Mendy.

In French in the text, captured by television cameras: “he does what he wants.

Brother, don't play with ... my mother's life.

He is playing against us.


🎙💬 Benzema: "He does anything. Don't play with him, he plays against us" ► https://t.co/xrNQ10PNuK pic.twitter.com/wLF132tV1f

- RMC Sport (@RMCsport) October 28, 2020

Led 1-0 at the time of the exchange between the two players, Real were led 2-0 among the Germans before falling to 2-2 at the very end of the match.

And Benzema scored the first of two merengue goals.


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