Yesterday, Linköping HC confirmed that the club has 24 people with a confirmed infection who are connected to the men's team.

And the LHC is not the only club in the SHL that has several people who have suffered from covid-19.

Djurgården, Leksand and Skellefteå have been affected - which has ended with several SHL matches being postponed.

"The cold plays a role"

Aftonbladet has spoken with State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, who explains why ice hockey is more affected than, for example, handball and football.

- The environment is a bit different.

Hockey ice rinks are quite cold and humid environments.

You sit together a lot in replacement booths and the like.

You spend a lot of time in changing rooms, Tegnell tells Aftonbladet.

- The cold plays a certain role because the virus thrives better, lives better and spreads better in slightly cold and humid environments than when it is hot.

The LHC has been forced to suspend its operations.

CLIP: LHC chairman Roger Ekström on the situation in the club

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LHC's chairman Roger Ekström tells more in the clip about the situation in the club right now.

Photo: Janerik Henriksson / TT