Softbank No. 1 Nomination Hanasaki Tokuharu Greetings to Tomoya Inoue October 27, 17:51

At the professional baseball draft meeting held on the 26th, Tomoya Inoue of Saitama Hanasaki Tokuharu High School, who was nominated first by Softbank, received a nomination greeting from the baseball team and said, "I got used to the world of professional baseball as soon as possible. I want to grow as a player. "

Inoue is a right-handed infielder who has punching power such as hitting 50 home runs in high school, and was nominated by Softbank at the draft meeting on the 26th.

On the 27th, one night after the meeting, Inoue received a greeting from Softbank's Tomohiro Nagai, General Manager of the Organization and Training Division, at a high school in Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture. I was told.

After that, Inoue had Mr. Nagai put on a Softbank hat and responded with a smile to the photo shoot of the press.

Inoue said, "I want to get used to the world of professional baseball as soon as possible and grow as a member of society. I want to be a long-lived player who can constantly hit 30% and 30 baseball games."

Mr. Nagai said, "I am at the top level in both offense and defense as a high school student. I hope that it will become a Japanese-made cannon and become a player who will lead the entire team."