Biography of Trusova and jumps of Tuktamysheva

The performance of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva at the Sochi stage of the Russian Cup left an ambivalent impression on many.

On the one hand, everyone admired her signature triple axel.

On the other hand, she clearly lacked other complex elements to compete with Eteri Tutberidze's students, Anna Shcherbakova and Daria Usacheva.

The 2015 world champion herself noted that she was pleased with the clean execution of the trixel, and commented on the possibility of complicating the program.

“As for the introduction of the second triple axel in the program, we'll see how the training process will develop further.

But first you need to roll in this option.

I train and quadruple - I screw in, but so far without leaving.

Now I am working to make my new free program not only interesting, but also with the performance of good and high-quality elements, ”RIA Novosti quotes Tuktamysheva.

Meanwhile, Alena Kostornaya is just preparing for her first start this season - the stage of the Russian Cup in Kazan.

She shared a photo of one of the workouts at the Angela Plushenko Academy.

Some users of social networks noticed that very young athletes were on the ice with her, and remembered the story of her departure from Tutberidze.

Allegedly, the skater was afraid of competition and made a list of colleagues in the group with whom she did not want to train because of the competition.

“This is the ice of the younger group.

At my training session, I train, not take pictures, ”Kostornaya said in response.

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In November, the biography of another Plushenko ward is expected to be released under the name “Alexander Trusov.

The girl who defeated gravity. "

The book, whose characters are the two-time world champion among juniors and her family, will tell about her first steps in sports and “behind the scenes of the modern world of figure skating”.

For example, Trusova recalled an episode from her childhood that inspired her to train hard.

According to her, the whole family followed figure skating with enthusiasm and was upset that at the 2010 Olympics, Russian singles did not manage to win a single medal.

“Grandpa decided to defuse the situation:“ Yes, wait!

Our Sasha hasn't grown up yet!

Will grow up and become a champion! "

Of course it was a joke.

But my grandfather joked in vain - I didn't understand the humor and took everything at face value.

The next day, at the lesson, I approached Olga Mikhailovna Shevtsova with the news that I want to become an Olympic champion, stand on a pedestal so that the Russian flag hoisted over me, and my father and grandfather were proud that the country had not flown, "- quotes a fragment of the book Sport24.

Now there is not much time left before the Olympic Games, and many include the figure skater in the list of potential favorites of the competition thanks to a record arsenal of jumping elements.

However, the silver medalist of the Olympics Irina Slutskaya believes that the further success of the athlete will depend on the correct adjustment of the technique.

“While Trusova is a small and mischievous girl.

But the process of maturation of the organism cannot be prevented, so very soon it will be necessary to adjust the technical capabilities.

Much will depend on how her new coaching staff handles this fine-tuning.

And what was laid down earlier will remain with her for life: she mastered the quadruple sheepskin coat, salchow, lutz and flip under the supervision of Tutberidze, "the Team of Russia portal quotes Slutskaya as saying.

Admiration for Bell and the title of Sinitsina

Meanwhile, the American publication Yardbarker compiled a list of the 25 greatest skaters in the world and included six Russians in it.

These included Evgenia Medvedeva, Evgeny Plushenko, Irina Rodnina and pair skating representatives - Artur Dmitriev, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov.

Foreign skaters also have great respect for their Russian colleagues.

So, one of the leaders of the US national team, Mariah Bell, admitted that she admires Tuktamysheva, who remains competitive against the background of her younger colleagues, and is also friends with Alina Zagitova and Evgenia Medvedeva.

“Last year, at the Grand Prix stages, I was both times on the podium with Russian figure skaters.

In fact, it's cool, because Russia now dominates women's single skating.

So I would be happy to be the older sister of Alina Zagitova.

She's a terrific figure skater and Olympic champion, ”Bell told Sport24.

In Russia, the achievements of the 2020 European champion in ice dancing Victoria Sinitsina were noted.

She was awarded the title of Honored Master of Sports of the Russian Federation.

"Thank you for your congratulations!

I found out about this, it seems to me, later than everyone else.

Now I want to work more, ”Sinitsina wrote on Instagram.

Tuktamysheva's fashion brand and Medvedeva's musical instrument

Some time ago, Tuktamysheva talked about her desire to create a clothing line that would suit both athletes and fans.

And the other day she announced the launch of the Empress Wear brand.

This name was not chosen by chance: The Empress is the nickname of Alexei Mishin's ward.

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And Evgenia Medvedeva continued her music studies.

We can assume that now it will be even more pleasant for her to do this thanks to an unusual gift from fans - a ukulele with a corporate design by one of her favorite singers, Billie Eilish.

The instrument is decorated with the performer's logos.

It is worth noting that the musicians themselves sometimes turn out to be figure skating fans.

The popular Russian performer Elizaveta Gyrdymova, better known as Monetochka, said that she admires the talent of Kostornaya, Shcherbakova and Trusova, and among the coaches she is most impressed by Tutberidze.

However, she did not choose between Zagitova and Medvedeva.

“You can't choose.

It's like mom and dad.

They are beautiful, adorable, like princesses, angels who have descended to us.

How can you choose someone among them? "

- said Monetochka in an interview with the YouTube channel "vDud".

Pogorila's pregnancy and Plushenko's sports lullaby

Almost every stage of the Russian Cup was marked by controversy around refereeing.

Not only figure skaters reacted to them, but also representatives of other sports.

For example, the Zenit-2 coach Vladislav Radimov supported Tutberidze and sharply criticized Plushenko, who expressed dissatisfaction with Trusova's assessments.

According to the ex-footballer, the specialist and his wife Yana Rudkovskaya are making "dirty business" out of sports.

But soon Radimov admitted that a misunderstanding arose between them, which they managed to eliminate.

“Everything is fine, we are adults, we have known each other for a very long time, nothing like this has happened between us.

They just did not understand each other - first he me, and then me.

It's good that we talked like a man on the phone, we can say, shook hands.

I am very glad that we figured everything out and talked.

We will continue to root for figure skating, ”said Radimov.

In such situations, figure skating fans also actively behave, who sometimes overstep the boundaries and insult the rivals of their favorite athlete.

Irina Slutskaya compared such fans to football fans known for their intolerance.

“Sane criticism should exist, but these days, internet couch experts are trying to outmaneuver themselves.

In terms of the degree of inadequacy of fans, figure skating in our country is second only to football, ”Slutskaya is sure.

Fans of Anna Pogorila are eagerly awaiting her return to the ice after a pause that lasted for three years.

However, this is unlikely to happen in the near future.

The bronze medalist of the 2016 World Cup announced that she is in her seventh month of pregnancy.

“This year has been very busy.

Despite the pandemic, it has become truly special and magical for us, "Pogorilaya shared her joy.

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And for the third time, Plushenko, who has become a father, teaches his newborn son Arseny to figure skating since childhood.

He shared a touching video in which he rocked a boy while simulating quadruple jumps.

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Meanwhile, the son of ex-skaters Ilya Averbukh and Irina Lobacheva, Martin only recently re-skated after a 12-year break.

“He started skating for the first time when he was four years old.

But, having tried it once, he decided to leave figure skating for good.

And this is what happens when the parents don't push !!!

As they say, better late than never! "

- said Ilya Averbukh.

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