Screenshots of foreign media reports.

  Chinanews client, October 26th, on the 24th local time, Barcelona lost 1:3 to Real Madrid and lost the first "national derby" of the season.

In the game, VAR awarded Real Madrid a penalty kick and caused controversy.

Although a few days have passed, the debate surrounding the controversial penalty in the game is still fermenting.

  In the second half of the game, Langley pulled Ramos in the penalty area in the 63rd minute. The referee awarded a penalty after consulting the video assistant referee. Ramos then scored the ball.

After the game, the club and coach Koeman expressed their dissatisfaction.

  Barcelona coach Koeman thought after the game that Langley’s foul on Ramos should not be awarded a penalty, and said that VAR is not good for Barcelona every time.

He pointed out: "In the previous game against Sevilla, Messi failed to get a penalty. In the game against Getafe, the opponent's 2 fouls did not get a red card. Why VAR is only against Barcelona? We should not be like this. Lose."

  A day later, Koeman once again spoke through his social media account, "We shouldn't have lost the game yesterday. A controversial penalty kick played a decisive role in the result of the game. We will continue along this path."

  According to foreign media reports, Barcelona has filed a complaint against referee Munueira.

"Daily Sports" also pointed out that the Munueira family are Real Madrid fans.

His father is one of the founders of the local Real Madrid fan club.