Just over a month ago, Iceland and Sweden met in the European Championship qualifiers.

The match in Reykjavik ended 1-1.

On a corner at the end of the first half, at the score 1-0, Iceland got a ball in goal.

But it was ruled out.

The judge considered that Amanda Illestedt had been brought down by Sara Björk Gunnarsdottír.

- We were not so happy.

We created a lot and then I think the goal, as I do, would have been goals.

There was nothing wrong there, there was no free kick.

I think it was quite unfair, says Björk Gunnarsdottír.

In the second half, Iceland equalized to 1-1.

- If we had gotten that result before the match, it would not have been bad.

But after the match, I felt I wanted more.

"Will be a tough match"

Tomorrow it's time for the group final again, Sweden and Iceland meet in Gothenburg starting at 18.30.

- I think we made a good match in Iceland.

We will focus on the defensive game, we are strong there.

Sweden has good speed and individually skilled offensive players.

- It will be a tough match.

Sweden has a fantastic team, they have been fantastic for many years.

It is one of the strongest teams in the world.

But we have a lot of confidence after the last match, and our group has become stronger and we have developed as a team.

Björk Gunnarsdottír has belonged to FC Rosengård, Wolfsburg and Lyon, among others.