No, the bottom team Huseca had, as expected not much to pick up away against Real Sociedad.

Admittedly, Mir Vicente nodded nicely in 1-1 directly in the second half, but just eight minutes later Mikel Oyarzabal scored his second goal of the evening for his Real Sociedad.

The home team had a pretty marked game advantage and in the 69th minute it resulted in 3-1 through Portu who from almost no angle shot the ball at all.

A rather rough painting by Hueca's goalkeeper Andres Fernandez who was expecting a post and who dropped the post.

Alexander Isak was substituted in the 63rd minute and twelve minutes later he got a pass from David Silva and could alone with the goalkeeper score 4-1 to Real Sociedad.

It was his first La League goal this season.

The result means that Real Sociedad leads a limping La Liga table.

KLIPP: Here Alexander Isak decides with class goal (02 July 2020)

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Alexander Isak decided the match for Real Sociedad.

Photo: Juan Herrero / EPA / TT