When the rest of the starting field has chased Lewis Hamilton, Hamilton has chased Michael Schumacher's record for most wins.

In Germany, two weeks ago, he touched the German record when she took her 91st victory.

Today Hamilton won the Portuguese Grand Prix and thus became the sole driver with 92 victories.

- I have only been able to dream of being where I am today.

It will take a while to let this sink in, says Lewis Hamilton in Viaplay's broadcast.

Michael Schumacher vs.

Lewis Hamilton Photo: SVT

Messy start for Hamilton

Hamilton started today's race from pole position and already in advance it was ready for a British victory.

But it was a messy first lap.

He had a hard time getting the temperature up in his medium tires at the start and fell down to a third place on the first lap.

He was overtaken by both his teammate Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz who took the lead.

- It was all about the tire temperature today, says Hamilton.

After a couple of laps, the two Mercedes drivers started and were again first and two in the race, Bottas before Hamilton.

On the twentieth lap, Hamilton made his attack and was able to take the lead in the race - a lead that he then easily held all the way to the finish.

New world record in the number of Formula 1 victories by Lewis Hamilton.