China News Service, October 24th. The Chinese Super League Championship team played another game on the evening of the 23rd. Shanghai SIPG faced Shanghai Greenland Shenhua at the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.

The two sides reached a tie in regular time, and at the last minute of stoppage time, Shenhua had a good opportunity. Yang Xu hit the Shanghai SIPG goalkeeper Chen Wei with a single shot, missing the chance to countdown lore.

After the game, Yang Xu shed tears on the stadium and then issued an apology to his teammates and fans.

Shenhua scored an equalizer at the last minute of regular time and dragged the game into overtime.

  The first round of the two sides ended in a tie. This time, there must be a team to continue the championship with victory.

In the 55th minute, Anautović made a ball with his heel. Mui intervened and caused a foul by Shenhua's defensive player. The referee awarded a penalty kick. Hulk's penalty kick steadily hit the target and SIPG took the lead.

In stoppage time in the second half, Moreno made a cross from the right, Sun Shilin rushed to the goal with a shot, Shanghai Greenland Shenhua equalized the score.

In regular time Shanghai SIPG 1:1 Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, the total score of the two rounds was tied and entered the overtime.

  Both sides failed to score during the extra time period. At the last moment, Shenhua's two waves of offense almost rewritten the score to complete the lore.

First, Cao Yun made a straight pass, Moreno scored a single goal but the line referee raised the flag to signal offside, then Moreno made a pass and broke into the penalty area to face Chen Wei's small angle shot by Yang Xu, who was bravely saved by the opponent, and the game entered the penalty shootout.

  The first penalty player Moreno's penalty was saved by Chen Wei, Hulk's penalty tricked goalkeeper Zeng Cheng to score the ball, followed by Bolaños, Mu Yi, Cao Yunding, Lu Wenjun, Yang Xu, Mai Tijiang and Sun Shilin both made free throws, and Oscar scored the winning penalty.

SIPG defeated Shenhua with a total score of 6:5 in the two rounds to continue the championship.

And Shenhua will enter the 5-8 place card game stage.

Yang Xu cried after the game

  At the end of the game, although Shenhua was a glorious defeat, they really fought to the last minute, and Yang Xu, who missed the opportunity to kill the game, hid his face and wept on the court, and his teammates and team staff successively sent him comfort.

Yang Xu updates personal Weibo

  In the middle of the night, Yang Xu, who was still thinking about the progress of the game, updated his personal social media and said: "Today is the hard work I am sorry for the brothers of the team! And those fans who cheer for Shenhua! I bear all the blame! Sorry! Being in this blue My big family, with these brothers and friends next to them, makes it easier for me to feel the spirit of Shenhua! Shenhua who refuses to admit defeat! Stand up wherever you fall! Shenhua will win!” (End)