Canada's former junior national team goalkeeper Stephanie Neatby is new for the season in Linköping's goal.

And she has certainly impressed.

She has the best save percentage in SDHL (95.24 percent before today's match), and also had the most zeros in the series, three.

Luleå led the game

When the series three LHC was today against the second Luleå, she was put to the test properly.

Luleå dominated large parts of the match, and created many good chances.

But Neatby played great, and made some really qualified saves.

She was often placed correctly, and made fine lateral movements when required.

Two nice goals

But it was not enough all the way.

Luleå won 3-2 - after three powerplay goals.

Two of the goals were really nice.

The second, which came at the end of the second period and meant 2-0, was the best.

Jenni Hiirikoski, who herself made 1-0, hit a pass from his own zone through the entire middle zone to Ronja Savolainen at the offensive blue line.

She took the puck with her and put a distinct 2-0.

Nordin sat third

Luleå's third goal, which meant 3-1, was also nice.

Luleå then played five against three, and national team forward Emma Nordin then finished with a hard direct shot from the right technical circle - right up in the net.

There was some drama in the final stages of the match, after Rhyen Mcgill reduced to 2-3 with 1.26 left to play.

But Michaela Cava was able to put 4-2 in the open box and Luleå got all three points home to Norrbotten.