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Here we will keep you informed of all developments in stage 20, the penultimate stage.

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  • 190 kilometers

  • From Alba to Sestriere

  • Kelderman in pink

  • Finish expected 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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Giro d'Italia10 minutes ago

Another 73 km

- The lead of the leading group has shrunk slightly again: 5.35 minutes.

Giro d'Italia 13 minutes ago

Soon the riders are facing the first climb ⛰ of Sestriere. 80km to go with the break being 6:18 ahead.

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Avatar Author Astana Pro Team Moment of places 13: 34 - October 24, 2020

Giro d'Italia 17 minutes ago

Another 77 km

- The first climb towards Sestriere is different from the two climbs after it.

The riders will approach the winter sports village from the eastern side first (category 2), but the second climb and the final climb will be approached from the more severe western slope (category 1).

17 minutes ago

Giro d'Italia 23 minutes ago

Is Pello Bilbao going to try anything today?

The Spaniard is fourth in the general classification at 1.19 minutes from Kelderman.


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The number 4 in the ranking Pello Bilbao 🗣️ 'I worked so long to get into this position.

I think I even have chances for the pink'🇮🇹 #Giro d'Italia LIVE📺 Eurosport 1💻📱 without interruptions: https://t.co/V76cywLktO


Avatar AuthorEurosport NetherlandsMoment of places13: 30 - October 24, 2020

Giro d'Italia 30 minutes ago

Another 84 km

- The lead of the leading group is slightly reduced by the peloton: 6.18 minutes.

At the head of the peloton we still see the Astana team and Wilco Kelderman.

Giro d'Italia 35 minutes ago


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Wilco Kelderman 🗣️ 'I have to be ready, the last day.

Go full throttle and then we'll see'🇮🇹 #Giro d'Italia LIVE📺 Eurosport 1💻📱 without interruptions: https://t.co/V76cywLktO


Avatar Author Eurosport Netherlands Moment of places 13: 19 - 24 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 38 minutes ago

Another 88km

- The Astana team also leads the peloton after the supply.

Jakob Fuglsang's team has been leading the elongated peloton for a while and set the pace.

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Another 93 km

- The peloton is slightly catching up on the leading group, but it is not more than half a minute: 6.40 minutes.

In the meantime, the classification riders continue to wait patiently in the peloton.

an hour ago

Giro d'Italia one hour ago


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Adam Hansen on yesterday's strike 🗣️ 'No one was at the start, so everyone agreed.

It is a pity that some riders did not recognize that afterwards. '#Giro d'Italia LIVE📺 Eurosport 1💻📱 without interruptions: https://t.co/V76cyx2VSo


Avatar AuthorEurosport NederlandMoment of places12: 56 - October 24, 2020

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Another 100 km

- Much is currently not changing in the course.

The same leading group, the same lead.

The ride is going up very slowly in the run-up to the first climb to Sestriere, but the real climb only starts in about twenty kilometers.

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Still 111 km

- The leading group currently has a lead of 7.06 minutes.

The highest ranked rider in this is Brandon McNulty from UAE Emirates.

He is fourteenth, 33.12 minutes from Kelderman.

Giro d'Italia one hour ago

Roberts does not point to a leader

Sunweb sports director Luke Roberts has

not identified a clear leader of the team for today's stage

against the


: "We have two options", referring to the numbers one and two from the standings, Kelderman and Hindley.

"Our most important man is a man from Sunweb. I hope that at the end of the day a rider from Sunweb will be on top."

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

Another 129 km

- The riders from the leading group at a glance: Bouchard, Vendrame, Tratnik, Fiorelli, Malecki, Viviani, Ballerini, Honore, Serry, Kangert, Démare, Guglielmi, Cimolai, Holmes, Rubio, Villella, Gebreigzabhier, Sobrero , Bernard, Conci, McNulty.

They have a lead of 7.15 minutes.

2 hours ago

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

138 km to go

- For what it's worth: Arnaud Démare wins the intermediate sprint and thus also finally has the Maglia Ciclamino, the purple jersey.

The Frenchman only has to finish tomorrow.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

Another 139 km

- The first intermediate sprint is on the program in a kilometer.

In the points classification, Arnaud Démare has a 37-point lead over Peter Sagan and it is no longer possible to bridge that gap.

The intermediate sprint is therefore no longer exciting.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

141 km to go

- The advantage for Sunweb is that the leading group can pick up the bonus seconds that can be earned, if the situation remains that way.

These cannot then unexpectedly end up with a competitor.

At the second intermediate sprint (3, 2 and 1 seconds) and at the finish (10, 6 and 4 seconds) there are extra seconds to be earned and given the very small differences in the top of the general classification, this could be the difference between winning and to lose.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

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Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 11:46 - 24 October 2020

2 hours ago

Another 154 km

- The leading group has now grown with Serry, Bouchard, Vendrame, Fiorelli, Démare, Guglielmi, Rubio, Gebreigzabhier, Sobrero and Bernard.

In total there are now 21 riders in the leading group, who already have a lead of more than six minutes.

2 hours ago

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

Another 157 km

- The group of front runners has now grown to 21 riders, but the teams of Sunweb (Kelderman, Jai Hindley) and INEOS (Tao Geoghegan Hart) are still quiet in the peloton.

The leading group builds up a lead of 4.50 minutes.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

160 km to go

- The group of the first escapees consists of Jan Tratnik, Kamil Malecki, Elia Viviani, Davide Ballerini, Mikkel Honoré, Tanel Kangert, Davide Cimolai, Matthew Holmes, Davide Villella, Nicola Conci and Brandon McNulty.

Behind it several riders try to hook up.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

161 km to go

- A group of riders tries to get away from the peloton and take a 22-second lead.

Behind them, six riders try to reach the leading group.

Giro d'Italia2 hours ago

Another 176 km

- The peloton is still intact after the first kilometers of this stage.

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

And now the peloton of 133 remaining riders has also officially left.

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Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 11: 21 - 24 October 2020

3 hours ago

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago



The riders are on their way in the penultimate stage.

They start with the neutralized part first.

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

Kelderman is nervous before the penultimate stage.

🗣️ @ W1lcokelderman - @TeamSunweb “Nervous, yes.

For sure, it's the last big day, and a hard day.

I try to hold it and get it to Milan "." Sì, sono un po 'nervoso.

Oggi è un giorno importante, molto duro.

Proverò a difendere la Maglia e portarla a Milano ". #Giro


Avatar AuthorGiro d'ItaliaMoment of places11: 05 - October 24, 2020

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

Wilco Kelderman in the pink sweater.

Will the Dutchman still own the jersey after today?

💗The Maglia Rosa @ W1lcokelderman💗La Maglia Rosa @ W1lcokelderman #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 10:59 - 24 October 2020

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

Stage changed due to corona measures

Today's stage was originally supposed to lead partly through France.

Via the Colle dell'Agnello, the Col d'Izoard and Montgénèvre would be visited, but last week the authorities in France prohibited the course to take place on French soil due to the current corona measures there.

As a result, the Giro will remain in Italy today and the second part of the stage will take place around the village of Sestriere.

Giro d'Italia 3 hours ago

The riders are warming up.

Another half hour until the start of stage 20.

💗 Live from Alba 💗 #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 10: 36 - October 24, 2020

5 hours ago

Standings prior to stage 20

What does the head of the general classification look like at the moment?

  • Wilco Kelderman

  • Jai Hindley +0.12 minutes

  • Tao Geoghegan Hart +0.15 minutes

  • Pello Bilbao +1.19 minutes

  • João Almeida +2.16 minutes

  • 5 hours ago

    The profile of today's stage.


    🇮🇹 Giro d'Italia 2020🗓️ 24/10 / 2020🚴‍♂️ Stage 20 |

    Alba - Sestriere📏 190 km2⃣ GPM 1cat1⃣ GPM 2cat⏰ 11:10 AM (CET) 🏁 ~ 4: 10 PM (CET) ✒️ Live: https://t.co/3RV3dXR0s3#️⃣ #GiroPowered by @ENIT_italia


    Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 08: 34 - October 24, 2020

    5 hours ago

    Today's stage

    Stage 20, the penultimate stage of this Giro, starts today at 11.10 am in Alba, after which the riders will be presented with a 190 kilometers long ride.

    In the last 50 kilometers, the riders climb three times to Sestriere.

    The first climb to the winter sports village counts as a climb from the second category, the two climbs after that from the first category.

    The finish is expected around 4.00-4.15 pm.

    5 hours ago

    All eyes on Kelderman

    Today, all eyes will be on classification leader Wilco Kelderman.

    Will the Dutchman be able to keep his pink jersey in this penultimate stage?

    His lead over teammate Jai Hindley is only twelve seconds.

    INEOS 'Tao Geoghegan Hart follows fifteen seconds behind.

    After today's stage, there is only a time trial on the program tomorrow.

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