Land Grand Prix Series Women's 800m Nozomi Tanaka wins October 24, 19:46

The Grand Prix series tournament, in which top athletes from Japan on land participate, was held in Osaka City, and Nozomi Tanaka won the women's 800 meters.

At the tournament held at Yanmar Stadium Nagai in Osaka City, 16 events such as 100 meters for men and women and javelin throws were held.

Of these, Tanaka, who holds Japanese records at 1500 meters and 3000 meters, participated in the women's 800 meters as part of speed enhancement.

Tanaka said, "It is my race to increase the pace in the second half," he put the first 400 meters behind the group and increased the pace at once when there was only one lap left.

Then, near the last 200 meters, I caught Kawada Akinatsu, who won the Japan Championship this month, and took the lead. At the end, I finished in the top as if I fell down and won the championship with a time of 2: 6: 72.

In addition, in the men's 100 meters, Shuhei Tada won the championship with a time of 10 seconds 22 under the severe conditions of a headwind of 0.5 meters, and in the women's javelin throw, Yuka Sato was the only player who won the Japan Championship, 60 meters over 60 meters 69 I threw a centimeter and won the championship.

Tanaka "I'm glad I was able to win."

Nozomi Tanaka, who won the women's 800 meters, said, "At the end, I fell down because I couldn't move forward, but I'm glad I was able to win. I was disappointed to lose this event at the Japan Championships. So I had a strong desire to win the championship. "

Tanaka is scheduled to participate in the 5000 meters at the Japan Championships, a long-distance event to be held in December, which also serves as the representative selection for the Olympic Games.

For this tournament, I was enthusiastic, "I want to make good use of the speed I have cultivated here. I will do my best to win the championship and definitely get the right to participate in the Olympics."