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  • Heerenveen-FC Emmen 


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  • VVV-Ajax

    0-13 (!)

  • FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2-1

  • PEC-Willem II 0-0

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 2 minutes ago

52 ' 

Red card for FC Emmen! 

Simon Tibbling receives his second yellow card for a foul on Joey Veerman.

The Swede, former player of Heerenveen's arch-rival FC Groningen, comes in with a straight leg and is allowed to push in by referee Sander van der Eijk.

That seems a bit heavily punished, because Tibbling certainly does not do it consciously.

FC Emmen must continue with ten men.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 3 minutes ago

50 'Joey Veerman almost decides the match between sc Heerenveen and FC Emmen.

The playful playmaker of the Frisians sees that the small FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp is too far in front of his goal and tries his luck with a lob.

It ends in the roof of the goal.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen8 minutes ago


The ball rolls again in Friesland for the second half of sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen.

Can the visitors still do something about the flattered 2-0 deficit?

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 12 minutes ago

Chaotic final phase does not help Willem II

Willem II has to content himself with a point at PEC Zwolle.

The Tilburgers seem to take the win in the final phase due to a hit by Jan-Arie van der Heijden, but the VAR rejects the goal due to annoying offside.

Just before that, Willem II seems to receive a penalty after a red card for Mustafa Saymak, but again the VAR reverses that decision by referee Martin Pérez, because the violation was made outside the penalty area.

12 minutes ago

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 16 minutes ago


sc Heerenveen is going to visit the Abe Lenstra Stadium with a comfortable feeling.

In front of 15,000 teddy bears, the Frisians lead 2-0 through goals from Henk Veerman and Benjamin Nygren.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 21 minutes ago

89 '

Goal Willem II rejected! 

After much deliberation by the VAR and referee Martin Pérez, Willem II's opening goal is canceled.

Sebastian Holmen was annoyingly offside when he was in the path of Jan-Arie van der Heijden's shot.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 25 minutes ago

88 'GOAL Willem II!


It is still a hit for Willem II!

Jan-Arie van der Heijden shoots the ball in from the edge of the penalty area, but doesn't a Willem II player in an offside position obscure the view of PEC goalkeeper Zetterer?

Does the VAR find it annoying offside?

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 26 minutes ago

87 ' 

Penalty Willem II withdrawn! 

The VAR finds that Saymak's violation started outside the penalty area and reverses the penalty for Willem II.

The red card for Saymak remains.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 26 minutes ago

85 ' 

Penalty for Willem II! 

Mustafa Saymak holds on and receives his second yellow card of the match from referee Martin Pérez.

But this still looks like a schwalbe.

Does the VAR intervene?

26 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 33 minutes ago

77 ' 


Willem II is again close to the opening goal in Zwolle.

Vangelis Pavlidis heads a few meters from the goal of PEC goalkeeper Zetterer on the post.

There is finally some life in the brewery in the empty stadium in the capital of Overijssel.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 35 minutes ago

sc Heerenveen seems to win again in the Eredivisie after two games in a row without a win.

It underlines the excellent start to the season of the Frisians under the leadership of trainer Johnny Jansen.

Heerenveen is in third place virtually, with thirteen points from six duels.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 42 minutes ago

29 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


Benjamin Nygren entertains the 15,000 teddy bears in the Abe Lenstra Stadium!

The Swede had just declared Henk Veerman's 1-0 and now the nineteen-year-old midfielder is the finisher.

He gets the ball from Veerman and shoots it with his left from the edge of the penalty area into the short corner.

Again, the attempt seems tenable for FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen one hour ago

26 'GOAL sc Heerenveen!


Out of nowhere sc Heerenveen takes the lead against FC Emmen.

Henk Veerman gets the ball in front of the feet after a viewed wide pass from Benjamin Nygren and the club top scorer finishes neatly, although FC Emmen goalkeeper Dennis Telgenkamp is certainly not going free.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago

64 'Goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter feels on his knees after an innocent kick-off and changes gestures to Willem II's side.

That is a loss for the Tilburgers.

Jorn Brondeel will make his debut under the bar of the Tricolores.

an hour ago

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen one hour ago

The 15,000 teddy bears are certainly not entertained in the Abe Lenstra Stadium in Heerenveen.

It is FC Emmen that strikes the clock against Heerenveen, but the predominance is not yet reflected in the score, because it is still 0-0.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago

57 'There it is almost 1-0 for PEC Zwolle.

Immanuel Pherai sees that he has some space and tries his luck from a great distance.

The attempt is not bad at all and shaves the top of the bar.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago

47 'It almost goes completely wrong for PEC goalkeeper Michael Zetterer.

The keeper takes all the time to think about a follow-up when he gets the ball, but that takes much, much too long.

He shoots the toy against Vangelis Pavlidis's leg and the ball just rolls past the post.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago


The ball rolls again in Zwolle!

Can PEC and Willem II convince after the break in the empty stadium?

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen one hour ago


In front of 15,000 teddy bears, sc Heerenveen and FC Emmen have started their match in the Abe Lenstra Stadium.

Who will emerge victorious?

an hour ago

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen one hour ago

Just your attention for a special promotion at sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen.

To draw attention to the Children Cancer Free Foundation (KiKa), the stands in the Abe Lenstra Stadium are occupied by no fewer than 15,000 teddy bears tonight.

The number symbolizes the number of children in the Netherlands who have - or have survived - cancer.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago


Those who stayed at home at PEC Zwolle-Willem II are right after the first half in Zwolle.

Both clubs play the ball around without a clue and that results in a boring first half without chances and goals.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago

45 ' 

Penalty PEC Zwolle withdrawn! 

The VAR indeed sees that the foul on Tedić is made outside the penalty area and therefore the penalty kick for PEC Zwolle is withdrawn.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II one hour ago

43 ' 

Penalty for PEC Zwolle! 

Tedić is hit from behind and referee Pérez resolutely points to the spot.

The question is whether it is a penalty, because the offense seems to be made outside the infamous lines.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 2 hours ago

41 'That does not look good for PEC Zwolle captain Bram van Polen.

The defender feels his knee after a hard landing on the field and stumbles to the locker room.

The young Destan Bajselmani is his replacement.

2 hours ago

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago

FC Utrecht draws FC Twente from a pink cloud

After five games in a row without a defeat, FC Twente loses at FC Utrecht.

The Tukkers go down 2-1 in the Dom city.

The team of trainer Ron Jans still takes the lead through Danilo, who scores after fifteen seconds, but the home club overcomes that rapid deficit by goals from Bart Ramselaar and Sander van de Streek.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 2 hours ago

PEC Zwolle and Willem II cannot convince in the first half hour in Zwolle.

PEC has a slight preponderance, but cannot translate that into attacks and opportunities.

Willem II also made a helpless impression in Overijssel.

This seems like a typical 0-0 match.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago

83 ' 

Goal FC Utrecht rejected! 

VAR Rob Dieperink takes his ruler and compass and observes that Bart Ramselaar is a few millimeters offside at the moment of play.

Nobody at FC Twente thought of offside after the Utrecht team made 3-1, but the mathematicians in Zeist meet the Tukkers.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago

80 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


Bart Ramselaar decides the match in the Dom City with his second goal of the evening.

The attacking midfielder is sent into the depths by Tommy St. Jago and finishes skillfully.

The VAR is still looking at offside.

sc Heerenveen-FC Emmen 2 hours ago

sc Heerenveen and FC Emmen close the Saturday evening in the Eredivisie with their mutual meeting in the Abe Lenstra Stadium (kick-off at 9 p.m.).

FC Emmen has already drawn three times in a row and can therefore use a three-pointer in the fight against relegation.

sc Heerenveen in turn lost 5-1 to Ajax last week and is probably looking for rehabilitation.

Line-up sc Heerenveen: 


Floranus, Bochniewicz, Van Hecke, Woudenburg;

Kongolo, Batsta Meier, J. Veerman;

Van Bergen, H. Veerman, Nygren.

Line-up FC Emmen: 


Ax, Araujo, Bakker, Cavlan;

Chacon, Tibbling;

Laursen, Ben Moussa, Peña;

The lion.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 2 hours ago


The ball rolls in Zwolle.

What are PEC and Willem II serving in this turnaround game for both clubs?

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Sander van de Streek sees from a distance how his attempt hits the side net.

Thanks to the Barnevelder's goal, FC Utrecht now leads 2-1 against FC Twente.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago

47 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


The second half is less than two minutes old when FC Utrecht completes the comeback against FC Twente.

It is Sander van de Streek who scores with the point of his shoe after a fine cross from Bart Ramselaar, who already made it 1-1.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 2 hours ago


The ball rolls again in Stadium Galgenwaard for the second half of FC Utrecht-FC Twente.

Will there be a winner after the break in this entertaining duel?

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 2 hours ago

This is the setting for the match that starts in fifteen minutes: the MAC³PARK stadium in Zwolle.

There PEC Zwolle and Willem II will compete with each other.

VVV-Ajax 3 hours ago

André Onana still had the greatest pleasure in the field after the 0-13 against VVV-Venlo, but on social media he mainly shows his social side and supports VVV goalkeeper Delano van Crooy.



Avatar Author Andre Onana Moment of places 19: 24 - 24 October 2020

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago


We cannot write it, because there is no audience present in Stadium Galgenwaard, but FC Utrecht and FC Twente entertain their fans at home with frivolous attacking football in the first half.

FC Twente takes the lead after fifteen seconds via Danilo, after which Bart Ramselaar balances the score just before half time.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago

43 'GOAL FC Utrecht!


If Moussa Sylla doesn't do it, Bart Ramselaar will.

The attacking midfielder shows his surplus technique and scores with a nice volley that is too powerful for FC Twente goalkeeper Joël Drommel.

FC Utrecht is level with FC Twente just before half time.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago

It is FC Utrecht that strikes the clock after Danilo's opening goal, but attempts by striker Moussa Sylla find no goal.

The Domstedelingen are crying out for a striker who is still injured in the stands: Adrián Dalmau.

VVV-Ajax 3 hours ago

VVV trainer De Koning: 'Don't point your fingers now'

VVV trainer Hans de Koning presents a realistic analysis of the historic 0-13 defeat against Ajax.

"This was a total offday against an Ajax that just scores ten goals against you. Everything you say about it is too much. At a certain point it is 0-4 and you get that red card. Then they are so good and you are standing. in a big rondo. Then you hope that they don't push through, but they do. There was some awe in it. You may have respect for Ajax, but how easily they score in the 5 meters ... I'm going The group did not lose weight. We failed together and we have to take that as a big guy. We're not going to point fingers now. Someone just said strength to me, but nobody died. It's a competition, a historic moment. up, chest out. "

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago

The FC Twente goal after fifteen seconds is the second fastest Eredivisie goal ever for FC Twente.

Only on November 24, 1968 FC Twente took the lead faster.

Then Theo Pahlplatz scored at home against FC Volendam after ten seconds.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago

The main players in the 0-1 for FC Twente fall into each other's arms.

Vaclav Cerny finds Danilo with a high cross and the attacker finishes off with some fortune in Utrecht.

PEC Zwolle-Willem II 3 hours ago

PEC Zwolle and Willem II want to forget a mediocre start

PEC Zwolle and Willem II started moderately in the Eredivisie and only won once in the first five matches.

Who is taking a break from worry tonight in Zwolle?

Setup PEC Zwolle: 


Van Wermeskerken, Kersten, Nakayama, Of Poland;

Huiberts, Saymak, Reijnders;

Leemans, Tedic, Pherai.

Arrangement Willem II: 


Owusu, Holmen, Peters, Köhn;

Van der Heijden, Trésor, Llonch;

Nunnely, Pavlidis, Köhlert.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago

1 'GOAL FC Twente!


It is not a record, but after only fifteen seconds it is already a hit for FC Twente!

Danilo, the revelation of this season, works the ball in from close by on a pass from Vaclav Cerny.

A dream start for FC Twente and a lousy start for FC Utrecht.

FC Utrecht-FC Twente 3 hours ago


After Ajax's record victory, the gaze slowly shifts to FC Utrecht-FC Twente.

Perhaps records will also be broken in the cathedral city?

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