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  Chinanews client, Beijing, October 23 (Zhang Yifan) In life, there are many things worth pursuing, and there are too many things to meet but not to ask for.

  Maybe you can get rich, maybe you can get a title on the gold list.

But few people can completely change the original meaning of something in the world like him.

  He is the "ball king" Pele.

Today is his 80th birthday.

  The history of football is like a towering mountain.

Countless younger generations are moving upwards, but when they climb vines and take off their former counterparts, they will find an old man in Brazil No. 10 jersey, standing on the top of the mountain looking up at all living things, like a god and.

On June 1, 2016, in London, England, Bailey's personal commemorative collection was exhibited at the Moore Gallery in London. The old ball king appeared and kissed the past trophy.

It is reported that the Brazilian ball king Pele announced that he will auction more than 2,000 personal collections.

The three-day auction will be held in London.

Bailey has created countless wonderful memories and impressive achievements, and now he is ready to share his legend with fans all over the world.

  If it weren't for the obsession when he was young, perhaps the child named Edson would marry a wife and have children like an ordinary Brazilian and spend his entire life.

  The nickname "Pele" given to him by that elementary school classmate will also be drowned in the dust of history.

  Former U.S. President Reagan once met Bailey and said, I am the President of the United States, and you don't need to introduce yourself because everyone knows Pele.

  For Pele, who is young and old, the "King of the Ball" represents his life, but it is far from being able to explain his story.

  It is often said that the story of five-star Brazil began in 1958, when they won the first World Cup in team history in Sweden.

But some people say that 1950 was the beginning of the Samba Dynasty.

They watched Uruguay win the championship that year.

  That year, in an unknown town in São Paulo state, a teenager was full of tears. He told his father that he would win the World Cup for him.

  Eight years later, the 17-year-old Brazilian teenager fell on his teammate Didi’s shoulders and wept while enjoying the most memorable moments of his life.

After a final, the teenager became the youngest World Cup champion in history, and a Swedish newspaper took the lead in calling him "the king of the ball."

  From that moment on, this title accompanied Bailey's life.

  That day, it was of great significance to Brazilian football. Brazilians who were relaxed, passionate and enjoyed life regained their original belief in football.

  In their eyes, what is playing for?

Just to be happy.

Data Figure: Bailey

  Just like the poor boy who wandered the streets.

He worked as a shoe shiner when he was a child. In order to buy the first pair of sneakers in his life, he and his friends went to the train station to steal peanuts and sell them for money.

He doesn't think about what kind of person he will become in the future, he just wants to find a glimmer of light for himself in the current suffering.

  Don't listen to the sound of forest hitting leaves, why not scream and walk slowly.

  Just like Jordan is to basketball, Pele is synonymous with football.

Human history is often accompanied by disputes, and great people can always calm the disputes.

  Brazzaville, the capital of the Republic of Congo, and Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are separated by only a Congo River. Kinshasa is on the east bank and Brazzaville is on the west bank.

  In 1969, this place was being hit by war.

Pele’s Santos Club is "touring" in Africa.

Since everyone wanted to watch Pele's game, the two sides made concessions and achieved a brief ceasefire. They jointly escorted the Santos team across the boundary.

  A few days later in Nigeria, Pele again asked both sides of the civil war to cease fire for him.

Benin was suffering from war at the time. It was an important town in southern Nigeria, where rebels and government forces fought fiercely.

But in order to watch Pele play, the rebels and government forces once again reached a ceasefire agreement.

On December 9, 2005, in Leipzig, Germany, Cruyff and the king Bailey attended the draw of the 2006 World Cup finals.

  Perhaps it is not practical to expect football to bring peace, but Bailey tells everyone that the energy that football can bring is far more turbulent than imagined.

  Now at the 80th birthday, Bailey posted a video on social platforms in which he told the fans that he is now very happy and healthy.

  Bailey smiled and said to everyone in the video: "When I go to any place in the world, I will be received very thoughtfully. The doors of the world will always be open to me. This is all thanks to football."

Data map: Bailey.

  Eighty years is very long, so long that he has grown from a green idol all over the world to an old man with a hobble; it has been so long that he has become a "commer" outside the stadium from the protagonist on the court.

  When Pele spoke, the world football trembled three times.

Often teams that are favored by Pele before the game will not achieve good results.

  Nevertheless, this optimistic old man will predict as always before each competition, ignoring outside voices.

The happiness that football brings to him accompanies him throughout his life and eventually becomes his way of life.

Just like Maradona who quarreled with him for many years, they are smart because of football.

  Pele and his "old rival" Maradona are all classified as attacking midfielders in the best positions in the history announced by "French Football".

And the final winner in this position will only arise between the two.

  Bailey is still Maradona, and everyone has their own answers.

But fans will remember who is the only player to win the World Cup three times and who allowed the Samba Army to retain the Remit Cup, the predecessor of the Hercules Cup.

  The word "King of the Ball" has been said for more than 80 years; the "King of the Ball" throughout his life is a legend.