That is why Jasikevicius came to Barça, to definitively break the step, the defeatist inertia of a club that not so long ago reigned in Europe, with Saras himself at the controls in some of its most glorious stages.

To face the white era at once, so much accumulated frustration that there was no mercy last night at the Palau.

He came tremulous and

Pablo Laso's

team left scared

, as sad and lost as he was not remembered, just the character to avoid the humiliation to which he was hopelessly heading.

[79-72: Narration and statistics]

Without Claver or Mirotic - he could not play because he did not meet the protocol deadlines after overcoming the coronavirus - which is not a little, there was a good time that Barça was crushing Madrid.

With such unusual protagonists as

Sergi Martínez or Roland Smits


Saras wants them all plugged in, hosts ready and committed, and Laso hasn't had that many left lately.

More based on pride than basketball, he did not give the visitors to come back, at least to avoid the derision.

Not the mess in which he begins to get into the Euroleague after four defeats in five games.

It cost Real Madrid because their saddlebags are loaded with the stones that form doubts and defeats, with that burden of rotations that do not finish curdling.


Carlos Alocén


And the scene imposes, but more Hanga, the hunting dog.

It was the local premise: aggressiveness and impetus so that later the talent has a free track.


The young hand did not find the way to Tavares, compulsively sought by all, as if the giant were the only solution to problems.

And Barça, short-circuiting those connections, leaving Madrid in

14 measly points in the first act

, controlling the rebound, came up, with the ease of scoring from Kuric, Heurtel or Brandon Davies.

If Campazzo also loses concentration to the minimum - it is not the first time this course -, the night turns sweet at the Palau, despite the absence of noise.

He was digging his own hole and getting into it pushed by the Barca roller.

Those of Jasikevicius smelled blood and they launched, despite Garuba's misguided momentum and with the tremulous Laprovittola on the court.

Madrid was broken and Barça put an abyss before the break

(48-27 after a 23-6 run)


Kuric was too mischievous a demon for his defenders and Oriola and the youth squad Sergi Martínez - Saras' huge bet - gobbled up the paint.

There was no comparison in intensity, day and night at the Palau.

If it was a matter of desire, of arrests, it is something that a coach cannot consent to.

There was a reaction after the break, of course.

Laso threw away his praetorians, egoless types like Taylor or Garuba, so many times the silent fuse of the collective.

And despite the fact that another soldier,

Gaby Deck, broke his ankle

never to return - neither Carroll nor Causeur were there -, Madrid managed to get closer (60-50, after a 9-23 partial).

Now with the tide in favor, with the fear caused by the one coming from behind,

Campazzo took the reins


Defeated but not humiliated.

Trey Thompkins, the best (14 points, seven rebounds) also showing commitment and ambition, and strangely Rudy Fernández without appearing throughout the second half.

But Madrid was a want and I can't.

The ideas do not reach him where they used to so long ago.

There was pride but it was not enough, despite

Llull's call, a specialist in the impossible


Seven consecutive points from the Balearic Islands set off the alarms (74-69 with less than two minutes to go).

But the night was Sergi Martínez's, his seven points in the final act (plus nine rebounds before).

The youth squad's pulse did not tremble and Barça smiles from above.

Because Jasikevicius is always going to want more and that is the best of the messages.

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