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My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments at the Grand Prix of Portugal this weekend.

Lots of fun!

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2 minutes ago

Another 29 minutes

- There are some showers around the circuit where some rain could fall.

In the meantime, Max Verstappen (twentieth) is still not satisfied with the set-up of his car.

5 minutes ago

Another 32 minutes

- Max Emilian Verstappen sends his Red Bull onto the asphalt for the second time today.

During the first stint, he was not at all satisfied with the car's setup.

6 minutes ago

Another 33 minutes

- And Latifi is the next to mow the lawn.

It is looking for grip in Portimão.

12 minutes ago

Another 39 minutes

- Different drivers are on the road with softer tires.

Max Verstappen is still in the pits.

17 minutes ago

Another 44 minutes

- It is now quiet on the track.

All drivers are in the pits.

21 minutes ago

And Leclerc also struggles to keep his car on the asphalt.

The Monegask keeps his spinning Ferrari running and manages to get away.

Leclerc dips his toes in the gravel, but he's able to get it out again 👀 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


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26 minutes ago

Another 55 minutes

- Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton increase the pace.

For what it's worth, the score: 

1. Hamilton (H) 1.19.526

2. Leclerc (H) 1.19.653

3. Bottas (H) 1.19.932

4. Gasly (H) 1.20.030

5. Albon (H ) 1,20,231

6. Pérez (H) 1,20,263

20. Verstappen (H) 1,23,218

31 minutes ago

Max Verstappen in action at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve.

The Dutchman is still looking for the correct setting on the Portuguese circuit.

36 minutes ago

Another 64 minutes

- Carlos Sainz is currently the fastest with 1.20,696, but not a single driver has really sat down for it yet.

The riders are looking for grip and the correct adjustment.

40 minutes ago

Another 69 minutes

- "You can decide for yourself whether you want to keep driving or come in", Red Bull engineer Gianpiero Lambiase told Verstappen.

"Ha, you finally ask. I'll be in the pits," said the Dutchman.

43 minutes ago

Ha, look who we got there.

Nico Hülkenberg is an attentive spectator in Portimão this weekend.

Two weeks ago he came in at Racing Point for the ill Lance Stroll.

👀 #PortugueseGP


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an hour ago

The setup is 'completely wrong', says Verstappen after his spin on Portimão.

It's like a driftcar.

There's work to be done at Red Bull.

# F1


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an hour ago

Wrong direction, @ Max33Verstappen!

@redbullracing # F1 #PortugueseGP #Verstappen


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an hour ago

Another 76 minutes

- Verstappen goes around and provides the first yellow flag of the day.

"This set-up is completely wrong", the Dutchman responds over the on-board radio.

"It feels like I'm driving a drift car."

an hour ago

Another 77 minutes


Track limits

could still play a major role this weekend.

Verstappen's first time is canceled because the Dutchman would have gone too wide in the first corner.

an hour ago

Another 81 minutes

- And Max Verstappen will also hit the asphalt.

The Dutchman has green paint -


- on his left


and will therefore be testing some new parts there.

an hour ago

Another 84 minutes

- "It is incredible how little grip there is", says Carlos Sainz via the on-board radio.

The new asphalt on Portimão will still have to be broken in.

an hour ago

Things you love to see ... F1 cars taking to the track in Portimão.

🤩 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹


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an hour ago

Another 86 minutes

- Sebastian Vettel is the first driver to set a time: 1.30.462.

an hour ago

Another 90 minutes

- Green!

The first free practice for the Grand Prix of Portugal is on its way.

an hour ago

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve looks great.

In a few minutes, the first free practice for the Grand Prix of Portugal will start.

@ MercedesAMGF1 What a view !!

🙌🏻 Let's go #BestTeam !!

Best of luck for # FP1 Cheering you on from last corner this weekend 👊🏻 #PortugeseGP # F1


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3 hours ago

The Formula 1 drivers will drive for the first time this weekend at Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in Portimão, Portugal.

The first free practice starts at 12 noon.

Bom dia Portugal!

🇵🇹 #PortugueseGP


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