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My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments at the Grand Prix of Portugal this weekend.

Lots of fun!

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  • Verstappen third in VT1

  • Bottas fastest

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Judge yourself.

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Avatar Author Joost Nederpelt Moment of places 17: 10 - 23 October 2020

one minute ago

Verstappen and Stroll will not become friends.

Max very unhappy: "Mate is this f ** king guy blind? What the f ** k is wrong with him. What ar *****" # F1 #PortugueseGP


Avatar Author Luke Smith Moment of places 17:09 - 23 October 2020

2 minutes ago

No sooner had we started and we've stopped again!

😮Verstappen and Stroll tangle at Turn 1, Stroll spins into the gravel and we have another 🚩 Red Flag 🚩 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 17: 09 - 23 October 2020

3 minutes ago

Another 22 minutes

- The FIA ​​starts an investigation into the incident between Verstappen and Stroll.

For Stroll, the end is training.

Verstappen is in the pits with a badly damaged car.

6 minutes ago

Code red - Crash Verstappen and Stroll!

The Dutchman is on the inside with the Canadian, who completely overlooks Verstappen.

You would almost forget that we are training.

9 minutes ago

Another 27 minutes

- Verstappen is going on the soft tire for the first time today.

Can the Dutchman attack Bottas' fastest time?

10 minutes ago

Another 28 minutes

- Green!

We are going to train for half an hour in Portimão.

12 minutes ago

The session will resume at 5:01 PM.

14 minutes ago

The session is still on hold so that the wreckage of Gasly can be removed.

We've still got a red flag here at PortimaoMarshals are working as fast as they can to clear the AlphaTauri from the track 👍 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 16: 57 - 23 October 2020

17 minutes ago

Marshals 💯 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 16:53 - 23 October 2020

18 minutes ago

The sea of ​​flames with Pierre Gasly in pictures.

Pierre Gasly on fire🔥🔥 (but not the way he likes😱) 🟥 Code Red🟥 The flames are blasting from the Alpha Tauri and the training comes to a halt # ZiggoSportF1 # F1 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹


Avatar Author Ziggo Sport F1 Moment of places 16: 53 - October 23, 2020

21 minutes ago

It will be a difficult story for the AlphaTauri mechanics to save this car.

There will be no sleeping tonight.

🚩 RED FLAG 🚩Fire and smoke pour out of the rear of Pierre Gasly's car 🔥The session is halted ❌ #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 16:48 - 23 October 2020

25 minutes ago

Fortunately, Gasly can get out unharmed.

¡FUEGO en el coche de Gasly, bandera roja! # F1 #PortugueseGP


Avatar Author Moment of places 16:46 - 23 October 2020

26 minutes ago

CODE RED - We have a huge fire in sector 1. Pierre Gasly's car caught fire. 

28 minutes ago

Another 45 minutes

- Leclerc dives on medium rubber under the time of Verstappen.

Hamilton has to abort his fast lap because he is hindered by an AlphaTauri.

29 minutes ago

Another 47 minutes

- Verstappen records the fastest time, at the expense of Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton is also on a fast lap on softer rubber.

30 minutes ago

Another 48 minutes

- Hamilton has gotten soft rubber under his Mercedes.

Expect some serious time from the Brit.

32 minutes ago

Another 51 minutes

- Verstappen is on the road for the first time today on the medium band.

Sebastian Vettel is currently fastest on the same rubber.

35 minutes ago

Another 55 minutes

- Russell shows that the tires for next year are a lot slower than the current compounds.

The Williams driver is more than eight tenths faster on the medium band than Verstappen, who is still in the pits.

39 minutes ago

Another 59 minutes

- The drivers enter the pits and will deliver their test tires to Pirelli again.

Max Verstappen is therefore fastest on the new compound.

The score: 

  • Verstappen 1.21.575

  • Bottas 1,21,662

  • Leclerc 1,21,985

  • Pérez 1,22,049

  • Norris 1,22,084

  • Ricciardo 1,22,098

  • Hamilton 1.22.147

  • 43 minutes ago

    Another 61 minutes -

    Fastest time for Max Verstappen!

    The Dutchman goes around the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve in 1.21.575 and is eight tenths faster than Bottas.

    44 minutes ago

    Another 62 minutes

    - "It is impossible to overtake here", Max Verstappen concludes after two hours of training on the on-board radio at Portimão.

    an hour ago

    Another 65 minutes

    - Leclerc refers Verstappen back to third place.

    Again the stand:

  • Bottas 1,21,662

  • Leclerc 1,21,985

  • Verstappen 1,22,068

  • Norris 1,22,084

  • Hamilton 1.22.147

  • an hour ago

    Another 75 minutes

    - All drivers will therefore drive in the first half hour on a tire type that will be used next year.

    The score:

  • Bottas 1,21,732

  • Verstappen 1,22,074

  • Hamilton 1.22.147

  • Leclerc 1.22.175

  • Sainz 1.22.351

  • an hour ago

    Another 77 minutes

    - Sergio Pérez provides a short-lived yellow flag.

    The Mexican loses control of his Racing Point and has his nose in the wrong direction.

    an hour ago

    Another 79 minutes

    - Strong lap by Max Verstappen, who is approaching Bottas' fastest time to half a tenth.

    The Dutchman split the Mercedes drivers.

    an hour ago

    Another 82 minutes

    - Ah, in the first half hour of this training, the drivers test the tires for next season.

    Verstappen has provisionally conceded four tenths to Hamilton's fastest time.

    an hour ago

    Another 87 minutes

    - It is busy on the track with, among others, Verstappen and Hamilton, who immediately hit the road.

    The computer does not know for a moment which tire Verstappen is driving on.

    an hour ago

    Another 90 minutes

    - Green!

    The second free practice for the Grand Prix of Portugal is on its way.

    an hour ago

    Before we start with the second free practice (VT2), let's take a look back at the first free practice.

    Only the Mercedes drivers were faster than Verstappen, who has only driven on the hard tire.

    Bottas on top 💪The Mercedes pair lead the way in our first official session in Portugal since 1996 #PortugueseGP 🇵🇹 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 13: 40 - 23 October 2020

    2 hours ago

    Presenter Bas Scharwachter looks ahead in podcast De Boordradio with Formula 1 reporters Patrick Moeke and Joost Nederpelt ahead of the Grand Prix of Portugal.

    4 hours ago


    - There are still problems for Esteban Ocon.

    The Frenchman enters the pits with a smoking Renault.

    4 hours ago

    Only Mercedes drivers faster than Verstappen in first practice Portimão

    Max Verstappen opens the Grand Prix weekend in Portugal with the third


    time in the first free practice.

    Only Valtteri Bottas (first) and Lewis Hamilton (second) are faster than the Dutchman, who drives the entire training on the hard tire.

    In addition to the hard tire, the Mercedes drivers also took action on the medium tire.

    Verstappen admits seven tenths to Bottas and is four tenths slower than Hamilton.

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