He changed the rhythm of the match ... and scored the winning goal for "the General"

Al-Fardan ... the star of Al-Nassr and Khorfakkan in just 15 minutes

Al Fardan celebrates scoring the only winning goal for Al Nassr.

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Al-Nasr defeated its host Khor Fakkan with a clean goal, scored by Habib Al-Fardan in the 82nd minute yesterday, in the second round of the Arab Gulf League, and was led by referee Sultan Muhammad Saleh, and was characterized by accurate arbitration decisions, to raise the balance of the dean to four points, while the balance of Khor Fakkan remained empty Of points.

Although Al-Nasr player Habib Al-Fardan participated in the match since the 70th minute, he deserved to be a star of the match due to his success in creating an offensive momentum for the brigadier general who changed the rhythm of the match and led many attacks, one of which came from the winning goal, while Omar Juma Rabi 'deprived his team, Khorfakkan, to score goals, After losing Banfradin in front of the Dean's goal.

The match witnessed an offensive start from the two teams, when Ryan Mendes missed the victory goal, after a header bounced off the post after a beautiful cross by Brazilian player Brandley Coase.

Omar Jumaa Rabei missed a sure goal, after he was alone in a comfortable position, but he shot into the arms of the goalkeeper of Brigadier General Ahmed Chambé (10), and Al-Nasr returned to launch the attack after the other, taking advantage of the speed and skills of the Brazilian Coas and Ryan Mendes from the sides of the stadium, which put pressure on the goalkeeper Al-Nisour Mohamed Youssef, and in one of them the attempt of Argentine Tigali (21), which was removed by the defense, and Omar Juma Rabie wasted secondly when he shot in the hands of the goalkeeper, amid the astonishment of his coach Caio because of his weak shot.

Khorfakkan launched several attacks, which returned Tigali to help the defense, and interfered in the most dangerous of them in front of the header of the ivory player Atoni Kwame (34), and Brazilian Khorfakkan Gomeres missed a goal goal after an easy one-off, but his ball went to the arms of the goalkeeper (31).

Al-Nassr launched the second half with a dangerous attempt, as Tigali almost realized the net after a beautiful header shot by goalkeeper Muhammad Yusef brilliantly (46). Al-Nasr led successive attacks through Israeli Diaa Sabaa, and the Brazilian player Caravalho almost scored a goal after a powerful shot towards Khorfakkan goal ( 62), the goalkeeper Muhammad Yusef caught her brilliantly

Al-Nasr made the first switch in its ranks, with the entry of Brazilian Kaiki Jesus, the exit of Sebastian Tigali (66), and the entry of Habib Al-Fardan (70), in an attempt by the Brigadier to regain the offensive superiority.

Al-Nassr missed an incredible goal opportunity when the two players, Brigadier General: Mendes and Jesus da Silva, collided inside the six yards, in an attempt to hit the ball (67).

Habib Al-Fardan scored the winning goal in the 82nd minute, taking advantage of a wonderful attacking sentence, after tactical moves from the midfield, before the ball reached Mahmoud Khamis, who played it from a cross inside the six yards to Habib Al-Fardan, who shot it hard into the net, which led to victory in the match. .

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