"Khabib will wreak havoc and torment Gaji"

The duel between Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov and American Justin Gatji is one of the most anticipated events of this year.

And it's not only the lack of big competitions against the backdrop of the pandemic, but also the fact that some of the best representatives of the light weight category will come together in the Octagon.

That is why there is no consensus among experts on whether the UFC belt will remain with the reigning champion or will go to the new owner.

And yet, most representatives of the world of martial arts are inclined to believe that Nurmagomedov is the favorite of the confrontation.

Former Bellator heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov suggested that both his colossal experience and authority and endurance speak in favor of the Russian.

He will not change his tactics and, as in previous fights, will bring Gaethji to exhaustion thanks to his striking technique.

“Khabib dominates, is two heads higher.

So he can win in his own style: choke or just score on the ground.

Plus, I think the fight will end in the second round.

It is usually said that the first is intelligence.

If it drags on until the third or more, it is already considered a competitive fight.

Therefore, everyone is trying to finish in the second ", - quotes Minakov" Championship ".

At the same time, MMA fighter Eduard Vartanyan suggested that the fight would last longer.

According to him, this will only play into the hands of Nurmagomedov, since Gatji does not have a sufficient supply of stamina.

“In this regard, in the first two rounds, Khabib will press, translate, wreak havoc and torment Gaji in order to neutralize his strong side, namely accurate and strong punches from the hands.

Most likely, the fight will end with an early victory either in the third or fourth round by technical knockout or finishing off Nurmagomedov, ”Vartanyan noted.

As for Gaethje's plan, the American, according to former Bellator middleweight belt holder Alexander Shlemenko, will try to keep his opponent in a standing position.

And although the Russian does not have a knockout blow, this should not be a problem for him.

“I won't say that this option will definitely be a failure for Nurmagomedov.

He has trained and fought many strong fighters over the years.

And in Dagestan there is a high-quality wushu-sanda school, where there are many drummers.

Khabib is not afraid to work in a rack, he just avoids it.

His battle plan is always built in such a way as to win with minimal damage to himself, ”Sport24 quotes Shlemenko.

"When the" cell "closes, he will understand that he has been caught"

That is why many assume that Gaethje will not stand a chance if the fight goes to the ground.

MMA fighter Magomed Ismailov agrees with this position.

“For the most part, Nurmagomedov holds takedowns, pulling away from the net.

On the ground, it is most effective.

It is best when Khabib controls his legs and strikes with his hands at the same moment.

Or he takes his front hand, which he did with Michael Johnson, and also delivers tangible blows, "Ismailov told the Hands Above Youtube channel.

The Olympic champion in judo Tagir Khaibulaev is sure that wrestling is one of the strongest sides of Nurmagomedov.

In his opinion, a lot will depend on the preparation of the American, since the Russian is always motivated to win.

And although Gaethje is the strongest drummer, the opponent will have something to oppose him.

“But the Dagestan wrestling is number one in the world.

Khabib fully owns it, he also owns judo skills.

Therefore, no one can compare with his struggle.

He will have an advantage in battle.

I don’t like to guess, but I want Nurmagomedov to win confidently, beautifully and prove that he is the best.

The main thing is to avoid injuries, because he can continue his career even further, "Khaibulaev said in an interview with the Novy Vek TV channel.

American fighter Eddie Alvarez adheres to a similar point of view.

He noted that the UFC champion will take every opportunity to move the fight to the ground, where his opponent will have no chance.

“I just don’t see any hands where he will not be able to drag Gatji to the ground.

And if they find themselves there, there will be a huge difference in class between them.

It's just huge.

I don't think Justin managed to catch up with Khabib in level.

I don't know if Gaethje has the right style.

Can he be constantly on the move to stop Nurmagomedov and his struggle?

I think the fight will go to the ground.

And that's why I bet on Khabib, ”Sport24 quotes Alvarez with reference to BJPenn.

In turn, the Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov, who will also fight at the UFC 254 tournament, made his prediction based on statistics that testify in favor of the Russian.

“It will be a very interesting fight.

If you look at the statistics, of course, Khabib is a priority, because he is one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC, he has not lost almost a single round in his entire career.

We will root for him, support him and hope that he will also smoothly pass his next rival, ”the website of the REN TV channel quotes Volkov.

And another colleague of Nurmagomedov in the UFC, Magomed Ankalaev, ridiculed Gaji's words that he would make the fans of the Russian cry.

In his opinion, an American can be brave only outside the octagon.

“This is just a show, they like to speak loud words here.

But when the "cage" is closed, he will understand that he has been caught, "Ankalaev is sure.

According to the former rival of Khabib El Iaquinta, the Russian is the strongest representative of his weight category.

And although the outcome of the battle is difficult to predict, it is Nurmagomedov who is the favorite.

“His technique is honed to perfection, and he is great at adapting to the fight and pinning you to the cage.

Even if you keep everything under control and are ready to try to transfer to the ground, Khabib suddenly starts boxing and working with his hands.

As it was in the case of Conor McGregor, when he applied the one with that right hand, ”the Blodyelbow portal quotes Iaquinta as saying.

"Gajee will win a sensational victory"

At the same time, not everyone is sure of Nurmagomedov's victory.

So, the representative of the middle weight category Anthony Smith emphasized that Gaethje has a full set of qualities to stop the Russian.

Among them, he named wrestling and high-quality footwork, which he can use if he does not allow himself to be pressed against the "net".

“Khabib is closest to invincibility.

But if you had to create a fighter who beat him, then you would name a person like Justin Gaethje.

Nurmagomedov does not work on just aisles to the legs.

He does everything in a complex.

Almost always at the beginning, he clinches and pushes the opponent to the net.

If Justin can stay in the center of the octagon, then he will surely turn on the low kicks.

In general, we all know in theory what to do against Khabib.

Don't lie on your back and hit hard.

Only so far no one has dealt with the first part of the plan, ”Smith explained in an interview with James Lynch.

His compatriot Curtis Blades is also confident in the success of the American.

He disagreed with the opinion of those who believe that Justin will not have enough stamina.

“I am sure that if he needs to get out of the ground, he will have enough endurance, as well as wrestling skills, to prevent the fight from being transferred to the ground.

It is unlikely that he will completely manage to avoid this, but in most cases, Justin will be able to fight back.

And in those cases when he cannot do anything about it, and the fight goes to the ground, he has enough strength to transfer it back to the stance.

For a guy like Gaethje, one chance is enough, and he can completely change the dynamics of the fight.

One good blow that will shake Khabib and Gaethje can knock him out.

I think he can deal with him in the later rounds.

Maybe in the fourth, "- quotes the words of Blades MMAFighting.

Brazilian Marlon Moraes also suggested that although Nurmagomedov is the favorite, his rival could surprise.

“Gaethje will win a sensational victory.

Everything will depend on whether he succeeds in not allowing the fight to be taken to the ground, and it seems to me that he will succeed, ”BJPenn quotes Moraes.