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Here we, Willem Haak and Mitch Marinus, will keep you informed of the matches in the Europa League.

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  • Zagreb-Feyenoord


Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord · 3 minutes ago

Feyenoord starts group phase with point in Zagreb

Feyenoord draws 0-0 when visiting Dinamo Zagreb.

The Rotterdammers have the greater chances, especially in the first half, and even fail to hit the mark from eleven meters.

After a red card from Marcos Senesi, Feyenoord seems to be handing over the game, but thanks to a few saves by Bijlow, the 0-0 score remains on the board.

Europa League · 5 minutes ago

And the Europa League matches from 9 p.m. are also over.

The results at a glance:

Braga 3-0 AEK Athens

Leicester City 3-0 Zorya Luhansk

Sparta Prague 1-4 Lille

Celtic 1-3 Milan

Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-0 Qarabag

Villareal 5-3 Sivasspor

Tottenham Hotspur 3-0 LASK

Ludogorets 1-2 Antwerp

Dinamo Zagreb 0-0 Feyenoord

Wolfsberger 1-1 CSKA Moscow

Slovan Liberec 1-0 Gent

Hoffenheim 2-0 Crvena Zvezda

Wolfsberger-CSKA Moscow6 minutes ago


It's over in Austria.

Wolfsberger and CSKA Moscow keep each other in balance: 1-1.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 7 minutes ago


The team from Rotterdam hold their own in Zagreb and start the group phase with one point.

7 minutes ago

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord10 minutes ago

90 + 2 'Dinamo Zagreb takes the corner short, after which the ball is still thrown into the 16.

Justin Bijlow shows that he is also the boss in the air today.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 11 minutes ago

90 'In the final phase it is really exciting for the Rotterdammers!

There are four more minutes.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 13 minutes ago

88 'Bijlow with an excellent save!

The Feyenoord goalkeeper throws himself with everything he has for a bet by Luka Ivanusec, leaving the 0-0 on the board.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 16 minutes ago

86 'Part of the audience makes itself heard and the team is looking for the lead.

Feyenoord will therefore really come under pressure in the final phase.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 17 minutes ago

Senesi shows the Finnish referee his incomprehension about the red card.

17 minutes ago

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 19 minutes ago

81 'There is the second lawyer change: Mark Diemers leaves the field, while Nicolai Jorgensen comes in.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 24 minutes ago

76 'Dinamo Zagreb tries to further trouble Feyenoord.

This time the team asks for a penalty after Petkovic tries to fool the referee.

The Croat makes a schwalbe in the penalty area, but the Finnish referee does not kick in.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 25 minutes ago

74 'Dick Advocaat immediately intervenes.

He takes Kökçü to the side and brings in a new central defender with Botteghin.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 29 minutes ago

72 'Red Senesi! 

The only Feyenoord player on the field who already has a yellow card to his name, also receives his second card.

The central defender is penalized for dangerous play.

Feyenoord has to get through the last fifteen minutes with ten men.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 31 minutes ago

70 'An excellent sliding from Bart Nieuwkoop!

The fullback throws himself for a shot attempt and thus prevents a possible counter-hit.

31 minutes ago

Napoli-AZ 33 minutes ago

And Arne Slot was also interviewed at



"We showed fighting spirit today. Today was a very different AZ than you are used to from us. Napoli especially put us under pressure. That is why we started to defend more and more. We were not calm in the build-up, but in the end we have. nevertheless made a beautiful goal. That was a real AZ goal. We kept the zero today, so we filled it in very well. "

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 33 minutes ago

68 'Berghuis combines with Linssen, but the winger then runs the ball himself over the back line.

In this way, the game continues without creating great opportunities.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 34 minutes ago

The 73-year-old Dick Advocaat occasionally gets upset again along the sidelines.

Napoli-AZ 38 minutes ago

Napoli attacker Dries Mertens came in front of the


camera after the duel with AZ

"We were very disappointed with the result. We were hoping for a goal, so we had to come afterwards. Because it didn't go the way we wanted, we got frustrated. And then they scored. AZ played together very closely. We didn't create space and did not complete our chances. We certainly did not underestimate AZ. They did an excellent job in the Eredivisie last season and we knew that. "

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 38 minutes ago

61 'The players of the home team are screaming for a red card for Senesi, but Finnish referee Gestranius thinks a yellow card is more than enough.

The Argentinian does indeed block his direct opponent, but does not distribute an elbow, as the Croatian team claims.

38 minutes ago

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 44 minutes ago

56 'Another huge opportunity for Bryan Linssen!

This time the striker gets in the feet of Mark Diemers, but he doesn't choose a corner at all.

Where did the scoring Bryan Linssen go?

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

Mario Gavranovic makes it very difficult for the Rotterdam defense tonight.

The striker scored four goals in the first five league games and today also shows that he is very threatening in the Europa League.

For the time being Justin Bijlow is keeping his goal clean.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

47 'There is Gavranovic again!

The striker of the home team is dangerous and he shows it again.

Spajic is barely able to defend after the striker heads the ball with his head.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Zagreb!

Will Feyenoord succeed in taking the three points back to the Netherlands, just like AZ?

Napoli-AZ one hour ago

AZ won a nice 0-1 visit to Napoli tonight.

Supplier Teun Koopmeiners was extremely satisfied with the result.

"It's nice when you finally hold onto the lead for once. We've seen the other side of the medal. It's nice that we are now achieving a result. We don't look up to other teams so easily. It's one of the biggest competitors. of the group. It's fantastic to win here. "

an hour ago

Europa League one hour ago

It is halftime at the Europa League matches from 9 p.m.

An overview:

Braga 1-0 AEK Athens

Leicester City 2-0 Zorya Luhansk

Sparta Prague 0-1 Lille

Celtic 0-2 Milan

Maccabi Tel-Aviv 1-0 Qarabag

Villareal 2-2 Sivasspor

Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 LASK

Ludogorets 0-0 Antwerp

Dinamo Zagreb 0-0


Wolfsberger 1-1 CSKA Moscow

Slovan Liberec 1-0 Gent

Hoffenheim 0-0 Crvena Zvezda

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago


Feyenoord is scoreless halfway in Zagreb.

The visitors got off to a good start and also had the ideal opportunity to take the lead via a penalty kick.

Steven Berghuis, however, failed from the spot and so Dick Advocaat sees that his team is still at 0-0 halfway through.

PSV-Granada one hour ago

Götze - who was good for the only PSV goal - was replaced at half time.

Trainer Roger Schmidt indicated that this has to do with a muscle injury.

Götze himself did not confirm this with



I have only trained six times and we have another match on Sunday.

We have to be careful.

I have to be able to participate all season. "

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

44 'Feyenoord has a new chance from the counter.

The Rotterdammers find Bryan Linssen, after which he puts Mark Diemers in position.

Diemers, who incidentally plays hanging from the left, hits the ball completely wrong.

PSV-Granada one hour ago

Mario Götze came in front of the RTL cameras after the 1-2 loss Europa League match against Granada.

"Of course I am disappointed. We wanted to start the Europa League with a victory. We had a good chance of winning the 1-0 half-time score, but that didn't work out."

Wolfsberger-CSKA Moscow one hour ago

GOAL Wolfsberger!


Wolfsberger draws a tie against CSKA Moscow after being allowed to take a penalty.

Michael Lindl does not fail from the spot and signs for the equalizer.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

40 'Now Feyenoord has to go back again.

Kastrati gives a low cross, after which Spajic turns the ball into a corner.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

35 'This seems like the opportunity for Bryan Linssen!

The striker gets the ball on a silver platter from Mark Diemers and heads to the ball.

Normally this is his specialty, but this time he is heading towards goal moderately.

PSV-Granada one hour ago

PSV coach Roger Schmidt about Mario Götze's retirement.

Schmidt doesn't think Götze's injury is serious.

So he exchanged it for Viergever: “I had several options to change.

With the options today, bringing Nick in made the most sense to me. "


Avatar Author Rik Elfrink Moment of places 21: 31 - 22 October 2020

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

31 'Kastrati waves his arm towards the head of Haps and the midfielder of the home team rightly receives a yellow card.

PSV-Granada one hour ago

After the 1-2 loss against Granada, PSV coach Roger Schmidt indicated that Mario Götze had to leave the field at half time due to a muscle injury.

The seriousness of the injury is not yet known, according to the German trainer.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord one hour ago

29 'An excellent save by Bijlow prevents Dinamo Zagreb's opening goal!

The goalkeeper sees Gavranovic change the direction of the ball right in front of his nose, but he is just able to save.

Napoli-AZ 2 hours ago

"AZ was forced to defend here due to the corona cases. But that might have made them more motivated than us. Corona weighs heavily, but can also bring something new. AZ was 4-0 ahead a few weeks ago and then still played 4-6. 4 right. And today they did not concede a goal. In Europe such things happen, "said Napoli manager Gennaro Gattuso.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

25 'Feyenoord, in the form of Senesi and Spajic, takes two good players forward for a corner.

Kökçü's cross, however, is easily cleared by the Croatian defense.

Napoli-AZ 2 hours ago

Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso was not satisfied with his team after the lost game with AZ.

"We shouldn't have lost today. We were too slow in possession and not creative enough. We could have played one more day, but then we still wouldn't have scored. We simply shouldn't lose such matches. We weren't hungry. enough."

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

The penalty kick from Berghuis from the 8th minute in the picture, Feyenoord is now increasingly pushed back.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

15 'There are about 10,000 spectators in Zagreb, who see Feyenoord taking the initiative in the match in the first fifteen minutes.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

8 'Berghuis misses the penalty!

Steven Berghuis takes a huge run-up, but that does not improve his attempt.

He put the ball straight through the middle, allowing Livakovic to save.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

7 'Penalty Feyenoord!

Mark Diemers is brought down inside the penalty area and so the Rotterdammers soon receive a penalty in the match.

There is no VAR present in the group matches of the Europa League, so Steven Berghuis can already get the ball.

Dinamo Zagreb-Feyenoord 2 hours ago

Feyenoord has never played against Dinamo Zagreb before, but there is still a Croatian touch to be found within the staff of the team from Rotterdam.

Željko Petrović, assistant to Dick Advocaat, played for the Croatian club in the 1990/1991 season.

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