In Hedvid Lindahl's absence due to injury, the goalkeepers Jennier Falk, Gothenburg, and Zecira Musovic, Rosengård, made their competition debut when they each watched the European Championship qualifier last.

Falk held the zero against Hungary (8-0) and Musovic stood against the group leader Iceland (1-1).

Now two new matches await.

Tonight Latvia at Gamla Ullevi and on Tuesday Iceland, in a group final, where Sweden can be ready for the European Championships.

SVT Sports expert Frida Östberg wants to see one and the same goalkeeper in the matches this time.

- I believe in continuity and I would choose Jennifer Falk in both matches.

She has a different security, a different stability and weight.

I would play her, says SVT Sports expert Frida Östberg.

"Respect for each other"

Jennifer Falk about the desire to stand both matches:

- It would mean a lot of course.

It's always nice to have continuity.

That would mean a lot, she says.

SVT broadcasts Sweden – Latvia, starting at 6.30 pm on SVT2 / Play.

CLIP: Caroline Seger on Latvia's break (21 October 2020)

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Sweden and Caroline Seger chase European Championship ticket Photo: Bildbyrån