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Just a year ago,

Real Madrid

landed in


after a flight of atmosphere charged by the runrún to ultimatum for


who had the match against



His team came from a league defeat (


) as ugly as last Saturday against Cádiz.

From that Turkish trip, the whites conspired and progressed, to end up completely straightening the season months later with the




This Tuesday, another October 21, also in the

European Cup

, the Frenchman's team drowned instead of taking off in what - now it can be said - is its first crisis of the season.

There is no autumn without her in Madrid.

The loss to


is a blow for many reasons.

First, because it gets him into a big mess in the short

Champions League

, where everything he has left should be more complicated than yesterday (the visit to your rival's house,

a priori

, weak group).

And second, because the stumble is linked to that of Cádiz and occurs in the week leading up to the

Camp Nou



There is no worse way to get to Barcelona.

«I have to find the solution.

Today I did not find it.

I am responsible.

We lacked a bit of everything ", analyzed Zidane.

"We have not been up to the competition,"

Luka Modric

summed up

with an excess of Vaseline towards his people, the protagonists of a first period of authentic embarrassment.



from the



that passed over Valdebebas served as a souvenir of the European nights at the



Its low flight caught the attention of the players.

What was air coverage without hobbies to control?

Perhaps the pilot smelled that the meeting could have crumbs with this


fair shotgun, capable of going from being a granite block that barely conceded goals (champion of the last League and leader of the current one until the last day) to become a group devastated by injuries, with substitutes that do not give the level and that ends up, at times, being a fighter in the hands of a recently promoted (Cádiz) or a



who was seriously weakened by a




In the same function, before the Ukrainians, he made a fool of himself for a long time and then, pure courage, brushed the comeback.

He made it 3-3, but





for offside by Vinicius.

The arreón ended up being a hand of makeup that does not cover the destruction.

Worst first part of its history

If the first half against Cádiz, last Saturday, brought the colors to ZZ, yesterday afternoon almost made him run to his room in the players' residence.

It is one step away.

There, under the duvet, he would have heard the euphoric screams of the



every time they pierced Courtois' goal.

Three arrivals and as many goals in a first part already written in the black history of Madrid in the

European Cup


Never since the tournament was released, in 1955, had he gone to rest with such a goring.

The king of the competition, dominating with almost flawless efficiency from 2014 to 2018, has for some time left shreds of prestige on the stage that he always pampered the most.



thrashed at the


in 2019, the Bruges hit a good scare a year ago (0-2 became 2-2 final), the

City of Guardiola

left Madrid with one foot in the gutter in the last edition and yesterday Shakhtar turned his stomach with 45 minutes of shameful shaking, the kind that leaves injuries, despite being in the first day of the league.

Not even the voices of


in the first play, encouraging his teammates to go to the pressure, surely wanting to erase the bad start against Cádiz, served for Madrid to impose even for a moment a well-planted rival and with pedal fully on cons.

Zidane once again verified that he has substitutes who are a danger to his professional future (that of the coach) and that when

Sergio Ramos

is not there, his team looks like a cardboard house.

Anyone knocks it down.

A strong data to support this statement: Madrid have lost seven of their last eight

Champions League


without their captain.

It is better for him to get him back for Saturday's classic, because the




not give yesterday, let's say, a feeling of excessive solidity ... «Zidane told us that we had to improve.

Push more and better, "Modric explained at the end, about the threat of reaction that fixed the electronic a little.



signed an embarrassment in their first European home game

away from the


since 1998.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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