In 2023, the Asian Cup China Organizing Committee will be established, and Beijing will host the opening and closing ceremonies and finals

  On October 22, the 2023 AFC Asian Cup China Organizing Committee inaugural meeting was held in Beijing.

Chen Jining, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Mayor of Beijing, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The meeting was presided over by Du Zhaocai, Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese Football Association.

  Chen Jining said that hosting the 2023 Asian Cup is a major decision made by the central government with a long-term view and focusing on the overall development of the country.

As one of the ten host cities, Beijing will further enhance Beijing's international influence and accelerate the construction of an international exchange center by participating in the preparations for the Asian Cup.

The Beijing competition area will adhere to the first-class standards, plan high-level planning to promote the preparations, build the competition venues with high standards, carefully organize the competition, comprehensively promote the service preparation of the competition, carefully plan the opening and closing ceremonies, and accelerate the improvement of the capital's football development level.

It is necessary to fully learn from the experience of preparing for the Winter Olympics to ensure that all preparations are advanced in a solid and orderly manner.

  Entrusted by the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Director of the State Sports General Administration Gou Zhongwen, Du Zhaocai said in his speech that hosting the 2023 Asian Cup is to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important instructions, to accelerate the development and revitalization of my country’s football industry, and to show the world our country. An important window for the great achievements of reform and opening up and building a well-off society in all respects is a major historical opportunity to highlight the image of the city and promote the overall economic and social development of the city.

In the preparatory work, it is necessary to strengthen organization and leadership and improve the working mechanism; it is necessary to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and preparation work to ensure that all preparation tasks are completed on schedule with high quality; it is necessary to persist in opening the competition and make the Asian Cup a Chinese-style, A world-class sports event; we must insist on sharing the game and make the Asian Cup a holiday for the people of the whole country; we must do a good job of preparing the national team for competition, and build a national team that can compete well and have a good style.

  Du Zhaocai introduced the composition of the organizing committee. The Asian Cup organizing committee is composed of relevant ministries and commissions from the central and state agencies, as well as personnel from relevant provinces and cities.

The organizing committee will set up a secretariat, located in the Chinese Football Association, to undertake the daily work of the organizing committee, and each host city will set up corresponding working institutions.

  The Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee Shi Qiang introduced the preparations for the Asian Cup.

Since the successful bidding, in accordance with the requirements of "successful and wonderful, safe and orderly", the preparation and organization of the Asian Cup have been carried out in an orderly manner. The design of professional venues has been reviewed by the AFC and construction has begun.

In addition, communication with the AFC is efficient and smooth, the construction of the talent team for the competition has been continuously strengthened, the organization of the competition has been fully launched, the promotion and promotion have achieved good results, and the service guarantee for the competition has been solidly promoted.

  AFC Chairman Salman expressed congratulations on the establishment of the Chinese Organizing Committee through a video, and looks forward to China’s hosting of the most exciting Asian Cup in history: “Ten cities will build professional football stadiums to create a first-class football watching experience. China’s ability to organize and host top international events will attract worldwide attention. We firmly believe that China will present an unprecedentedly successful Asian Cup to the world in 2023."

  The 2023 Asian Cup is the highest level and most influential football event in Asia hosted by the AFC. It is also a high-level international sports event hosted by my country during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The competition will be held in 10 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen and Suzhou from June to July 2023. Teams from 24 countries and regions will participate.

The establishment of the Asian Cup China Organizing Committee marks a new stage in the preparation of the Asian Cup.

  The conference was held in the form of a video conference, with a main venue in Beijing and branch venues in each hosting province.

Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Zhang Jiandong, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Lu Ke, Deputy Governor of Liaoning Province, Chen Qun, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, Chen Xingying, Deputy Governor of Jiangsu Province, Zheng Jianmin, Deputy Governor of Fujian Province, Sun Jiye, Deputy Governor of Shandong Province , Vice Mayor of Chongqing Qu Qian, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province Fang Guanghua, Mayor of Chengdu City Wang Fengchao, Mayor of Xi’an City Li Mingyuan, Mayor of Dalian City Chen Shaowang, and Mayor of Suzhou City Li Yaping attended the meeting.

Responsible comrades from relevant departments of the central and state agencies, member units of the organizing committee, the Chinese Football Association, the provincial and municipal governments, the Sports Bureau, the Football Association and other relevant units attended the meeting.