Aftonbladet has investigated whether everything went right when Lundevall joined Halmstad in early October, a signing that spearheaded the team in the hunt for an Allsvenskan place next year.

The fact is that Lundevall, 32, came to HBK long after the transfer window closed on 25 August.

The parties were able to circumvent the transfer ban and successfully apply for an exemption from the Swedish Football Association because Lundevall was out of contract before the window closed.

"We agree on games for the rest of the season, provided that all formalities fall into place," coach Magnus Haglund told Halmstad's website on October 2.

But was Lundevall without a contract on 25 August?

Played match 30 August

According to Aftonbladet's investigations, Lundevall played a training match for Volos as recently as 30 August.

The magazine has also been able to take part in Lundevall's contract with Volos.

The parties agreed on 28 July.

The contract is signed by Lundevall and Volvo's chairman Achilleas Beos.

On September 13, Volos writes on its Instagram account that it has agreed with Lundevall to break the contract.

Lundevall confirms this in an SMS to TV4's Fotbollskanalen.


Did not do well with Volos ", writes the midfielder.

Now Volos believes that this was not a valid contract.

"Did not have a contract"

- Simon did not have a contract with the club.

He came, he took part in the preparations for the league and he left.

If the player passed the tests - hematology, medical, training - then this would have been the agreement.

But the Greek federation has nothing registered, Lundevall is free, writes sports director Akis Petrou in a response to Aftonbladet.

- As long as he (Lundevall) signed a document when he left, the previous agreement does not apply, Petrou continues.

But the sports director does not want to say when such a document was signed, but refers to Simon Lundevall.

Federal lawyer Christine Stridsberg that Lundevall was granted an exemption to play in Halmstad:

- We must assume that players and clubs give us correct information.

One of the ways we can try to control this is via Fifa's TMS system, but this is not where it is decided whether the conditions are met.

Followed the regulations

- In general, if a player has been registered for an association on incorrect grounds, the registration is invalid.

If it is considered to be a question of a punishable offense, it may be a question of, among other things, a penalty, reprimand or a fine.

If the offense is considered to result in the player being considered unauthorized, it may be relevant to deduct points, says Stridsberg.

Magnus Haglund believes that Halmstad complied with the regulations.

- We applied for the exemption, the union has reviewed the information and approved it.

The union controlled it in the transfer system.

Lundevall was never registered in Greece.

That's what matters.

We have received that message from the Swedish Football Association, Haglund tells Aftonbladet.