Bruno Martini on the bench of Montpellier.



French professional football will pay tribute to Bruno Martini during the eighth and ninth days of L1 and L2 played this weekend (between Friday and Monday).

A minute of silence will be observed on all the grounds.

"Alongside the national tribute to Samuel Paty, French professional football will be united this weekend to pay tribute to Bruno Martini before the start of the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 matches," says the Football League Professional (LFP).

Under the shock of his death, the whole of professional football wanted to pay tribute to this goalkeeper and this exceptional man.


"He deeply marked the history of the clubs where he played"

The former goalkeeper of the France team (31 selections in 1987 and 1996), Auxerre, Nancy and Montpellier, died on the night of Monday to Tuesday following a cardiovascular arrest.

On October 12, he collapsed in the parking lot of the MHSC training center, of which he was deputy director, before being transferred in serious condition to the CHRU in Montpellier.

"Bruno Martini will have profoundly marked the history of the clubs where he played and of the France team," recalls the LFP.


Death of Bruno Martini: "A man with class", recalls Guy Roux


Bruno Martini, former goalkeeper of the France team, died at 58

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