Sweden will play two doubles matches in the European Championship qualifiers next week.

On Thursday against the already weak Latvia, and next week against the top competitor Iceland.

At the moment, Sweden and Iceland are making up for the group victory and a direct place at the European Championships which will be played in England in 2022. The qualifying game ends on 1 December.

Frida Östberg has taken a closer look at Sweden's and Latvia's teams and compares strengths and weaknesses, among other things.



- Fixed situations.

In addition, Swedes are better both physically and technically to cope with a higher pace, compared to Latvia.


- Sweden can lose focus in matches where they are superior in advance, for example as at the start of the last meeting with Latvia when Latvia made 1-0 early in the match.

It also happened against Ukraine away.

Key player

- Anna Anvegård will be important for the team to receive dividends in the future.

Loreta Kullashi becomes a joker with her creativity and technology.

She is an intelligent player who can progress in small areas, both as a forward and finisher.


- There is a certain risk of underestimation.

Sweden must pick up the pace and at the same time be patient.

This is a match that Sweden will win by a couple of goals!



- Plays according to their resources.

Tactically, they fall home and try to close surfaces.

Surprised when they took the lead against Sweden a year ago after a nice header by Karlina Miksone where Olga Sevcova carefully used a passive Swedish defense.


- A goal difference of 2-30, in six matches.

That says a lot.

Technically, tactically and physically, they are far behind nations like Sweden.

Key player

- Karlina Miksone, only 20 years old.

She is good in the air and the only threat to the Swedes.


- Latvia is a young nation that does not need to feel any pressure.

Is the worst in the group with zero points.

Sweden is better in all parts of the team.


- Sweden will win the group.