Vegalta Sendai Ryohei Michibuchi cancels contract due to violence against women October 20, 19:18

Vegalta Sendai of soccer J1 canceled the contract with Ryohei Michibuchi on the 20th, saying that midfielder Ryohei Michibuchi disturbed the club's morals and order by violently attacking the woman he was dating.

According to Vegalta Sendai, Michibuchi was arrested by police in August for violence against a woman he was dating, but was released the same day.

Since a settlement was established between Michibuchi and the woman, the club decided that the contract would not be canceled, but the report of the weekly photo magazine "FLASH" released on the 20th did not understand the contents. It means that it was included.

Since Michibuchi admitted that the content was true, Vegalta Sendai will cancel the contract with Michibuchi on the 20th because it disturbed the club's morals and order, and will consider disposing of President Hideyoshi Kikuchi and others. I will.

Michibuchi has participated in 13 league games this season as one of the main players, including the match against Urawa Reds on the 18th.

Also, three years ago, when he was a member of Ventforet Kofu of J1 at that time, he was arrested for violence against a woman he knew, and was suspended from participating in official games during the season. ..

Mr. Michibuchi said, "I'm very sorry," and President Kikuchi also apologized, "I would like to apologize to everyone involved for causing inconvenience to the victims." did.