Rafa Jiménez has funny concerns in the middle of a match against Real.



In the aftermath of the immense feat achieved by the players of Cadiz, victorious over great Real Madrid in their den at Santiago-Bernabeu on Saturday night, the 


toured the media to look back on this historic success.

Among them, Rafael Jiménez, known as “Fali”, revealed at the microphone of the

El Larguero program

a rather funny anecdote about a discussion he had with Benzema during the match.

At the marking of the French striker, he was captivated by… the smell of KB9!

We're not inventing anything, I promise.

“He looked at me strangely when I asked him what perfume he was wearing,” he laughed before resuming himself in the most serious way, to justify himself in front of journalists who could not believe their ears.

Of course I asked him that!

Do you know how good this guy smelled?

He looked at me as if to say "are you nuts or what?" "He continued.

📻🤣😍 Anoche Fali estuvo en @ellarguero con nuestro Sanedrín de exjugadores y confesó the conversación that tuvo con Benzema sober ... ¡su perfume!


- El Larguero (@ellarguero) October 20, 2020

A little earlier, this same Jimenez went so far as to admit that he had given himself a little expression on waking up to celebrate the feat of his team: “When I got up the next day, I'll be honest, I called my cousin and said, "Bring your guitar, today we're going to drink a bottle of whiskey."

And we drank it in one go!


Note to ourselves: plan an interview with Fali at all costs if they win at Camp Nou this season.


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